10 business ideas at home

Today, thanks to the Internet and related technologies, anyone can do business from home. The bosses, ordinary employees of the companies and “servants of many gentlemen” —freelancers — work in slippers and a soft armchair. This means that not everyone who works from home can be considered a businessman. And if it is still more or less clear with hired employees who work for the benefit of one company, then it’s far from always possible to determine where the thin line between freelance and business is.

Of course, hardly anyone would call a cook a freelancer or, for example, a seamstress. Either the term is not suitable for such fields of activity, or people are already used to home masters and are not trying to label them.

business ideas at home

Clothing selection service for men

For many men, choosing clothes is not an easy task. Not only do you need to go shopping, you need to pick up sets for different occasions and learn how to combine them. Which is better is not always clear.

The idea is to create a service that will help you choose a stylish outfit.

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Clothing selection service for men

Clients will choose a bow and apply for clothing on the website or in the application. To do this, you will need to specify the dimensions, select the price and set.

You can also turn to the services of a stylist. He will choose a wardrobe for the season and preferences, take into account the size, color and advise stylish solutions.

Atelier will work on the basis of the service. After choosing a wardrobe, a client can come to the fitting room to take measurements and adjust clothes.

Clothing selection service for men

If necessary, the wardrobe can be updated.

The service will pick up old clothes for further processing.

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Smart cutting board

A team of designers and engineers from The Yes Company came up with how to combine several functions in one device. The ChopBox is a bamboo cutting board with a built-in timer, scales, knife sharpener and a disinfection lamp.

The board is made of bamboo. Strong and durable material withstands loads up to 100 kg and does not deteriorate from cutting.

Smart cutting board

Scales up to 2.7 kg with the ability to switch units.

Smart cutting board

The built-in ultraviolet lamp disinfects knives and boards. Enough minutes to sterilize surfaces and destroy up to 99% of bacteria. Radiation is safe for humans.

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The integrated digital panel activates the timer, scales and UV. A full charge lasts for 30 days. The charger comes complete with a board.

There are two cutting surfaces in the board for different types of products. Along the edges are special grooves for draining the juice of vegetables and fruits.

Smart cutting board

Built-in diamond and ceramic sharpening can be changed.

The ChopBox scored the right amount of $ 10,000 in 10 minutes after posting on Kickstarter. The campaign has already raised $ 1.4 million.

The board is available for order only on Kickstarter for $ 99. And release into commercial production is scheduled for December.

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Homemade sneakers


In 2012, shoe designer Roderick Peters held a workshop at the exhibition “One Day at the Shoe Studio”. In one day, he showed how to develop a design and create your own pair of sneakers. The participants liked the idea so much that in 2013 Roderick, together with the designer Troy Nachtigall, decided to give this opportunity to everyone. After long experiments, they created a prototype, with which they started raising funds for implementation.

Homemade sneakers


In 2015, Roderick and Troy launched a kickstarter campaign. In total for a month they collected 16 500 € from the necessary 10 000 €.

At the heart of the sneaker is a classic sole that is suitable for hundreds of models. Sneakers are designed so as not to use shoe pads, glue and a sewing machine. The output is simple and environmentally friendly shoes.

Designers created 4 ready-made models to choose from and designed templates to create their own.

Pre-ordered kit: stencils, patterns, instructions, sole, insoles, material, set of needles, threads and accessories.

Homemade sneakers

Additional features

– take your own materials as a basis

– create a free patterns design

– open a workshop (22 shoe workshops in 6 countries are currently operating)

Homemade sneakers


Kits can be ordered on  the company website.

Basic set with standard holes – 35 €

Set with extra holes and seamless fabric – 55 €

Set with a hole punch – 75 €

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Ski masks with animal faces

Ski masks with animal faces

For lovers of active winter activities, a ski mask is an indispensable attribute. But standard models are already fed up. Skiers, like any athletes, want to stand out from the crowd. This trend was very successfully caught by Thay Salat, a young novice designer. The creative girl created a unique collection of ski helmet masks with prints in the form of animal faces. The drawings look very realistic and cause extremely positive emotions, especially if used in combination with glasses!

The collection of Thei Salad has masks with the faces of a wolf, fox, raccoon, cat, bear and other representatives of the fauna. Putting this accessory on himself, the skier turns into a funny creature – only his eyes remain visible, and his forehead, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks and neck are nicely crouched.

The cost of one product, created by printing on fabric, varies from 32 to 35 dollars. Products are actively sold through the online store of a designer-businessman.

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Pocket Terrarium

Pocket Terrarium

Ordinary large terrariums have already become familiar interior decoration, which you will not surprise anyone especially. But this can not be said about the unique pocket-sized terrarium in retro style. The designer of the American company The Slug and The Squirrel became the author of the stylish accessory.

Outwardly, the pocket terrarium is more like an old watch mechanism on a chain. But the frame for glass can be absolutely any. The main thing is what is hidden under it. And under glass hides miniature natural oases from living plants. The terrarium is filled with the most unpretentious representatives of the flora: mosses, ferns, as well as shells, pebbles and other pretty particles of nature.

The live composition under glass from The Slug and The Squirrel company looks mysterious and bewitching. With proper care, the plants inside retain their freshness for a long time. Each pocket terrarium is made by hand, it is delivered to the buyer’s address directly from the artists’ workshop. The cost of a natural exclusivity starts at $ 30. There is no doubt that a similar souvenir will deserve the attention of the domestic target audience.

Making banknote decorations

Making banknote decorations

From time immemorial, gold and silver coins have served not only as a means of payment for some goods and services, but also as excellent material for the manufacture of various jewelry. Centuries passed, and the coins changed into banknotes. But, as it turned out, jewelry from them can be no less valuable and creative. This was proved by a company called Tine De Ruysser, whose designers created a whole line of jewelry made of real paper money.

As practice has shown, banknotes are a great equivalent to precious metals. The collection, made using the origami technique, includes rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces. It is important that the bills do not cut and do not glue. That is, the owner of the jewelry at any time can disassemble it in parts and apply banknotes for their intended purpose. But we must pay tribute to the masters of the company: their work looks very elegant and truly delight!

Tine De Ruysser customers unanimously declare that carrying bills on the neck or wrist is no less pleasant than filling your wallet with them, and wealth is always there! The cost of the product depends on the face value of the bills of which it consists, as well as on the complexity of the work of the “jeweler”. There is no doubt that in our country there will certainly be connoisseurs of this kind of jewelry!

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Online Palmistry

Online Palmistry

Fortune telling and reading fate along the lines on the hand came to our days from ancient times. And today palm reading has not lost its relevance. Only now, such services have become more convenient and affordable. Offering palmistry in an online format, you can build a profitable business.

Implementing a project is quite simple. Large investments are not required. The main task of a novice businessman is to perfectly study the direction in which he plans to move and develop. If you really believe that the future depends on the location of the lines in the palm of your hand and are interested in this, then the idea is perfect for you.

To begin, study books on palmistry, thematic online resources, learn mastery. If there are no mystical inclinations, but at the same time you understand the prospects of the idea, then you can enlist the support of a specialist from the outside. Most likely, in any city he will be found. Then everything is simple: we create a site on the World Wide Web and begin to actively engage in its promotion.

The target audience is very vast. Fortune-telling by a hand is interested in both mature people and youth. It is very simple to work on the Internet – no personal contacts are needed. In fact, you only need a photograph of the palm of the client. You get the image, analyze it and send the finished report back to the customer. Before starting work, it’s good to find out exactly what issues your client is interested in, what exactly he wants to receive from cooperation with you. If you give a person what he really wants, then word of mouth will certainly work. The main thing is to carry out your work with dignity, take the matter seriously, without ridicule and hints of fraud. In general, you need to believe in palmistry yourself, and then others will certainly believe you.

Educational video portal

The prototype of this idea was the nonprofit Internet project of a graduate of Harvard University, Salman Khan. The young man created an interesting resource on the World Wide Web, on which he laid out the lectures of famous teachers in various disciplines in video format. Of course, the “Academy of Khan” (this is the name of the site) contains mainly materials in English – there are very few Russian-language lectures. And this fact opens up scope for activities for Russian beginner businessmen.


The educational sector, which is commercial in nature, is huge in our country. Many teachers are looking for unique ways to present their teaching talent and attract students of different ages and professions. These teachers will be the main source of replenishment of the base of the Internet project. You are required to make appointments with teachers, record lecture material on the camera and upload its network. Let the videos be short and tireless, but capacious, reflecting the very essence of the issue they are talking about.

Of course, initially you need to create a decent base of videos on the main subjects from the programs of secondary schools. Only after this can you begin to engage in the promotion of the resource. There may be several options for generating income. This is a sale of a subscription to the use of the site, and a fee for viewing and downloading videos, and advertising traffic. When the site gains popularity and shows its benefits, you can safely contact the Department of Education or immediately to the Ministry for support in financing.

The project is very positive and incredibly useful. It will not be difficult to recoup investments in this idea if you offer the really necessary, lively and relevant material. Competition is minimal, pluses are obvious. Therefore, do not hesitate!

Knitted calendar

Knitted calendar

Handicrafts today are at a premium. Exclusive interior decorations are in constant demand, and if these decorations are also functional, then there is no doubt in their demand. The main thing is to come up with something unusual, something that competitors do not have. This is what happened to translate from a Swedish designer who managed to build a business on knitted calendars.

Outwardly, the calendar looks like a beautiful long scarf with drawings printed on it. These figures represent nothing more than calendar days and months. The thread that goes from the edge of the scarf is not fixed, that is, it can be dissolved. This is how the countdown occurs. Each lived day, the owner of the scarf notes, pulling the thread and dissolving the canvas to the required mark.

Developing the design of her unusual calendar, a creative Swede knitted it manually. The knitting process took a lot of time. But the popularity of wall decoration grew so much that one hand was simply not enough. The problem was solved with the purchase of a knitting machine. Now there are enough knitted calendars for everyone!

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Express analysis of a business idea

Express analysis of a business idea

Many dream of becoming entrepreneurs and have many ideas in their heads for starting their own business. But for the analysis of these ideas there is not enough knowledge, experience, logic. Therefore, potential start-up entrepreneurs remain potential, fearing to “burn out”. If you have clear logical thinking and the ability to quickly process and analyze information, then by offering the service of express analysis of a business idea, you can build a profitable business.

The essence of the project is simple: a client addresses you and voices his idea for a business. You, in turn, lay out the idea “on the shelves”, figuring out the profitability and prospects. To do this, you need to do a market review, evaluate competition, the level of consumer activity, pricing, etc. Then preliminary conclusions are voiced to the client. For a fee, you can also offer a search for possible analogues, options for implementing ideas and drawing up a business plan.

The cost of implementing the idea is minimal. All work can be carried out at home, having a computer with Internet access. You will only have to spend money on advertising your services, but these expenses can actually be recouped after the first client appears.


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