2020 Business Trends and Expectations for 2021

2020 has hit everyone with the coronavirus. Many industries have been affected, and of course the virus has not passed by the global economy. The crisis has come, small and medium-sized businesses are actively closing. It would seem that everything is really terrible, but if you look at this situation from a different angle, you can pay attention to the fact that a lot of new startups, business ideas and not only are gaining popularity. And soon they can become everyday life for most people. This suggests that in a crisis, business not only dies, but also develops.

2020 Business Trends and Expectations for 2021

What should a physical business do to stay “trendy”?

Such companies have quite tolerable solutions. Take, for example, grocery stores, since they cannot completely switch to delivery, they switched to contactless communication with the client behind the glass. This applies not only to grocery stores, but also to other stores.

Others can turn into warehouses, for which one or two people will be enough.

Another option, B2B service for those who cannot stop working offline. For example, service stations can take on government orders for special delivery of, for example, medicines and doctors to the desired regions.

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Most Relevant Businesses in 2020

Most might think that in a pandemic, when everyone is at home, people will have enough food, water and some simple entertainment. Unfortunately or fortunately, this is not at all the case.

People, especially ours, love to prepare for a crisis and buy canned food and water for years to come. So the wholesale delivery of groceries and essentials can be the start of a great business, especially if you play on people’s fear of being left with nothing after the quarantine ends.

In addition to people preparing for the apocalypse, there are also realists who understand that such a regime will last too long and want to be fully prepared for publication. Sports goods for practicing at home can be really useful when there is absolutely nothing to do.

And what can keep people busy at such a moment?

Entertainment and self-development. 2 main occupations of people who are in quarantine. The Internet is full of entertainment: Netflix, Youtube, dating sites, adult sites. However, it is never too late to become a blogger and tell or show what you do great while promoting this or that business.

If we take training and self-development, then everything is much more complicated here, since you need to understand what, how and whom to teach. But even here, when choosing a sphere, eyes run up:

  • Foreign languages.
  • New online professions.
  • School education.
  • Tutors.

Online business

At the moment, most new businesses are online. Naturally, workers also work from home. Given the lack of work for many qualified professionals, they can be hired through freelance below market price.

And yet, if we talk about a specific remote business, then you can consider the following options:

  • financial and legal services to facilitate the legal transition to online business;
  • search platforms for employees, investments, partners, etc .;
  • system analysis;
  • accounting;
  • freelance and outsourcing;
  • customer search services.

As it turned out, there are a lot of options, the implementation remains.

Online business

Business trends forecast for 2021

There is no doubt that the situation with the coronavirus will also affect 2021, but at the same time the number of infected and deaths will significantly decrease, and a vaccine will appear. People will start going to work again, just like before quarantine.

Online business will not disappear anywhere, but will continue to develop in its own way. And what will happen next? Is it possible now to predict which business will be in vogue in 2021?

Based on modern trends, not limited to quarantine, there are several industries that will develop as actively as possible.

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One of the main problems of modern society. Many organizations are fighting for animal rights, for separating garbage, for cleaning the ocean from tons of waste that form the whole island.

The idea of ​​creating a business in this industry is not only profitable and popular, but can also attract the attention of the public, which, in turn, cannot remain indifferent.


It is far from being a secret that lately man has been connected with technology as closely as possible. Even Elon Musk recently stated:

“We are already kind of cyborgs. Now, if you haven’t brought your phone with you, it’s like experiencing lost limb syndrome. It seems like you are critically missing something. “

The thought leads to the fact that the future belongs to technologies and it is necessary to develop in this industry. In any area, without new technologies, everything stops.

2020 Business Trends and Expectations for 2021

Currently, the most popular Hi-Tech developments are:

  • AI (artificial intelligence)
  • AR (augmented reality)
  • cloud services
  • robotization

Each of these areas, in the near future, will be actively implemented in every structure, including the state one, which is an excellent opportunity to sign a long-term contract.


People are afraid to get sick. Now this is especially true in connection with the coronavirus. Nevertheless, the development of medicine must be taken into account. Soon, thanks to this industry, people will be able to return to normal life.

It would seem that the coronavirus will pass and medicine will no longer be relevant. This sentence is fundamentally wrong. Medicine is one of the few areas of business that will always be relevant, since people will always be sick.

But even if the vaccine is invented before the end of 2020, it may take more than one year to manufacture, supply and distribute it around the world.

In addition to the coronavirus, there are a lot of diseases for which no cure has yet been invented.

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When talking about business in a crisis, people think that it is suffering, that it is almost nonexistent. You have to understand that this is not so. This article has given a huge number of examples of ideas that are saving the global economy at this point in time.

In 2021, it is unlikely that something will change much, but 3 main trends have been identified, which, according to analysts, will help bring the world economy to life.


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