25 Business Ideas for Animal Lovers

When a business does not just bring money, but also allows you to do what you like, efficiency always increases. Therefore, today we will talk about how you can earn a living for animal lovers.

According to statistics, the pet market is only growing now. And therefore, any entrepreneur who is looking for a direction related to animals will be interested to know what options are available to establish their own business in this industry.

Of course, there are directions that lie on the surface. The same pet shop. Another thing is interesting. That most entrepreneurs do not even imagine that, in addition to the obvious, there are many more options that are just beginning to develop in Russia. On the other hand, our country has already managed to take second place in the number of domestic animals per capita. What does it mean? The fact that the market will continue to develop, and there are actually a lot of potential customers for any segment of this industry.

So let’s look at these segments.

Popular animal business ideas

Pet hotel

Pet hotel

It’s not a new idea. But it’s still fresh enough to be able to enter the market with it, without fear of either competition or the lack of potential customers. Especially in large cities.

The concept is simple as three pennies. You offer services to dog and cat owners who need to go somewhere. Business trip, vacation, weekend, vacation, trip to relatives in Syzran. Never mind.

But the important thing is that people do not always have the opportunity to take a pet with them, or leave it to someone from friends and relatives.

The concept is simple, but you need to be serious. Because if a person leaves you a dog or cat, he wants to be sure that the dog or cat will be comfortable, convenient, calm and not threatened by anything. Therefore, the business is built, including a good service. For both customers and their pets.

Large cities are significant in this regard. The demand for such services in them is growing rapidly. And since the cities do not set any special conditions for launching such a business, entrepreneurs are slowly starting to develop this segment.

A small room is suitable for starting. The main thing is to equip it carefully and focusing on needs. The investment at the start of your business will also depend on the format of such a hotel for animals. Well, the larger the area, the more you can take animals at a time. On the other hand, we must not forget that the number of required personnel will also increase.

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Dog walking

Dog walking

A similar idea, which is also based on the needs of animal owners for someone who can look after their pets. This time, not at the time they were leaving for a few days. And for a while, while the owners are at work, or just very busy. This is especially true for dogs. After all, they need to be walked, regardless of weather or circumstances.

In America, for example, such a business has flourished for a long time. You could even see how widespread this is in various films and even in cartoons of foreign production.

To understand how suitable you are for this work, how difficult it is to find customers, how you can promote your services, what you need to provide for, we recommend starting small. From walking one – two alien dogs. And be sure to ask for feedback later. Moreover, word of mouth in this matter is the most successful way to disseminate information about yourself.

For entrepreneurs who have already eaten on this … who already know how to build such a mini-business, you can expand the scale by hiring other walkers.

Dog area

Dog area

But this idea has not yet taken root in our country, but it may well become the near future. The problem of dog walking in large cities is acute. And private areas equipped for dog walking can solve it. In fact, they solve many problems. And not only the owners of the pets, but also those around them, whom people with pets often interfere on the street.

Such a playground looks like a children’s playground. It can also be fenced off. And of course provide everything you need when walking a four-legged. Dog training equipment, tunnels, obstacles, running and toilet facilities.

It is better to rent land for such a business near the sleeping area, where walks take place. Moreover, interestingly, such a business is easily scalable. You can develop it by offering customers the services of professional walkers, trainers, and also work together with suppliers of pet products.

Beauty salon for animals

Dog area

Another idea that came to us straight from the West. However, unlike the same area for walking, beauty salons have already become popular. Especially in large cities, where people prefer not only to take care of their pets, but also to make them stand out from the rest. Also, do not forget that many potential customers are among those who raise participants in dog and cat shows.

As in the case of salons for people, an entrepreneur will have to equip his point with professional equipment and find craftsmen. It is not necessary to write them out from abroad.

In general, from the point of view of business, your salon will not differ much from a usual beauty salon. Unless the specifics of customers and companies suppliers. In the same way, it will be necessary to build a marketing development strategy, hit advertising with target customers, emphasizing the high quality of service, to develop.

Pet search service

Reports of the disappearance of pets are not uncommon. Previously printed sheets with photos could be found on every post. Now there are a lot of them on the Internet. Especially in the social groups that are for every city. It is that there is always a lot of people who need professional help.

Business is built on the provision of quality services. First, your company creates the correct announcements about the missing pet of the client. Then he is engaged in sending messages with announcements to important places – veterinary clinics, groomers, shelters, pet shops, funds that are recruiting volunteers.

After that, the staff begins the search, interviewing residents of nearby courtyards, as well as putting up announcements to strengthen opportunities.

And since we are still talking about business, you need to understand that the services are paid for by the owners. And the price depends on their number and the number of people involved.

You can also use a dual payment scheme. Fix for ads and percentage of remuneration, which is determined by the owner for finding a pet.

Pet blog

Pet blog

But this idea has already brought millions to some. An example – the most famous – Grumpy Cat, which conquered the world with its displeased charismatic muzzle.

Today, there are already many different variations of this approach. And not only with cats or dogs. By the way, there is even a pig artist. And her paintings are a separate tool of the owner’s earnings.

The essence of a blog with an animal is to conquer the audience and gain it as much as possible so that you can use online tools for earning. By the way, we wrote separately about how to make money on the Internet .

But you don’t need to think that it’s just enough to shoot your animal on camera and people will run to look at it. There are a lot of such blogs. It is important to develop a strategy, understand what it will be interesting to subscribers, keep feedback, constantly add content, be creative.

Portraits of Pets

Portraits of Pets

Separate niche for earnings. And here, in addition to the love of animals, you will also need the ability to draw. Although you, as an entrepreneur, can do the administrative part by hiring a good freelance artist.

Today, the idea is not yet very widespread, but, like with hotels for animals, everyone has their own time. But there are no competitors yet.

As for the audience, remember how much people like to take pictures of their animals. That is, in fact, in potential customers you go all those who have a pet.

The cost of paintings where a pet is depicted is usually higher. At least because it’s more difficult to work with them. But you can offer various options, including a double portrait with the owner.

The business is good in that it is not necessary to rent a room for it; you can provide services at home. And there is also advertising can be placed in veterinary clinics and pet stores. So you will definitely fall into your target client.

Photographer for animals

Photographer for animals

The second version of the last idea is a photographer. Here you need to immediately understand that you can start with a minimum. It’s not even necessary to buy expensive professional equipment. The main thing is to take pictures efficiently and creatively. The customer will pay for what he cannot do, or thinks he cannot.

Therefore, such an activity is suitable for anyone who wants to start a business with minimal investment.

But among customers there will be not only those who want to have a photo of their dog on the mantelpiece. So, for example, many advertising companies need interesting unique pictures. And you can take pictures of animals for this in principle everywhere – even on the street, even with friends. Such pictures can then be sold.

Another option for additional related earnings is to write a blog about animals, accompanying them with these very photos. The difference from the idea that we described above is that you will still be writing a blog more about yourself and your hobby – animal photography. But due to the subject and high-quality images, it can easily become very popular.

Photoshoots with animals

Photoshoots with animals

Continuing to develop the topic, let us recall a fairly popular form of entrepreneurship in the zoo industry. Photoshoots with animals. Taking pictures with different animals is loved not only by those who contain them. Moreover, it does not have to be cats or dogs. Often there are options with more exotic representatives of the animal world. For example, raccoons or hedgehogs.

Here it all depends on who exactly you contain and photograph. Among clients, in fact, just like in the previous idea, there can be not only children and adults. Your customer can also be a whole company. And you can offer such services as an advertisement if you come up with something creative.

Well, if you are a breeder of foxes, ferrets, hedgehogs, rabbits, lizards, owls. Then you can make your offer unique in general is not difficult. This segment is stable, but at the same time, given the many Internet channels, you can enter it without any problems.

Animal breeding

Photoshoots with animals

This could not be said. Because such a business has long been flourishing in our country. Moreover, experienced professional breeders earn good money and for them this is not a hobby, but a truly entrepreneurial business.

You can breed different animals – from cats and dogs to snakes and snails. The bottom line is that these should be rare enough species so that their price is high. No, you can start small. With hamsters and rabbits. But usually in pet stores, where such common animals are sold, there are already suppliers.

You also need to understand that, despite all the entrepreneurial share, the breeder must be able to handle animals and love them. Without this, things won’t work, and you won’t become a professional.

Profit here is almost impossible to determine right away. Too many factors affect the success of a novice breeder. But with the right approach and a reverent attitude to the matter, there will be no problems. Another thing is that the cultivation of exotics and simply rare breeds requires a lot of money. They require increased care.

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Pet Shop

One of the standard and very common ideas in the zoo industry, but at the same time a really effective way to earn money. Because pet food, accessories, toys, fillers, additives, etc. will always be in demand. Remember yes, that Russia is in second place in terms of the number of households?

The main difficulty at the moment is that the niche is busy. There are a lot of pet stores. And the best places are already taken. Because, first of all, in large cities shopping centers are considered, where most of all people and which is located next to sleeping areas.

Therefore, at the opening, you will have to think through everything to the smallest detail and pay special attention to the possible place. And also use a competent advertising company. To open such a store is possible in any case. The question here is more about the ability to attract and retain customers. Because if you do better than your competitor in a high-passable place, then patency will fade into the background.

Veterinary pharmacy

Veterinary pharmacy

A continuation of the past idea may well be a specialized veterinary pharmacy, which is actually not enough. There are veterinary clinics where animals are treated, but often treatment is one of the measures after which, like people, pets need medicine. Special medicines.

Moreover, clients may not be ill. Because in the pharmacy you can sell vitamins, food additives, and high quality feed themselves, which can not be found in ordinary pet stores.

Competition is still small in this segment. Moreover, interestingly, it is small not because there are no pharmacies, but because they are distributed very unevenly.

And again, thanks to the growth of the market, the stability of demand for pet products, such a business looks promising. The main thing is to approach his organization with all responsibility, hire professionals who not only love animals, but have a veterinary education and look for trusted suppliers.

Manufacture of clothing for animals

Manufacture of clothing for animals

The idea is not new. And even we have already taken on a mass character, although it has not yet reached all areas. The bottom line is that pet owners with the help of clothing can simultaneously take care of the animal and distinguish it from others. Simply put, brag. And it really works that way. Overalls for dogs, for example, especially small breeds, are very popular.

You can earn on this if you have sewing skills and minimal taste. Or, if you can hire a person for production, and yourself provide the “external and internal” look of the company.

You can engage in such a business both as a hobby and as a main activity. It does not require large investments. And he can scale in theory to incredible sizes. Why not make a collection, not have an Instagram blog for animal lovers?

Sale of gadgets for animals

Sale of gadgets for animals

But such a segment has not yet managed to grow at all and is so far only islands of new and interesting in the zoo industry. Meanwhile, technology continues to evolve in all directions and the market now can offer a truly greater number of interesting things for animals and their owners. So, at least open your store. And you can online.

These products include electronic collars, shower stalls for pets, car drinking bowls, GPS trackers, toilets that can clean themselves and so on and so forth.

The concept of such a store can be any. The main thing here is to correctly tell the target audience about yourself and what you can offer interesting and useful.

Making furniture for animals

Making furniture for animals

The idea is simple but effective. Belongs to the category of “luxury” for those who love their pets very much and want to pamper them in every possible way. And there are a lot of such people.

The assortment is rather big and limited actually only by the imagination of the master. In fact, an entrepreneur does not have to have furniture manufacturing skills. He can be a designer, developing concepts and ordering production according to sketches. It is important here that it looks stylish and may even be extravagant. Moreover, such owners will be happy if the furniture for their pet fits into the overall design of the apartment. Individual orders will bring additional income.

Investments will be small. Because the prepayment will be applied to the production of individual orders.

Cleaning zoo service

Cleaning zoo service

The idea may seem strange, because we are used to the fact that pet owners clean themselves after them. But in fact, the services that such a service will provide are very much in demand. After all, it’s not just taking out the tray behind the cat. Here and cleaning the local area, cleaning from wool, destroying traces and unpleasant odors, cleaning sleeping places, cleaning cages and drinking bowls, cleaning booths and aviaries.

To open such a business, large investments will not be required, as well as skills. But here you have to look for the first customers and work on advertising.

Ambulance for pets

Ambulance for pets

It is about emergency care, because the usual problems are solved with the help of veterinary clinics. But how many clinics (even large) that operate around the clock? And how many that provide services for the collection of animals and the departure of specialists. Meanwhile, problems of precisely this nature arise constantly. There are many potential customers. And they are ready to pay, only their animal was helped quickly and upon arrival at home.

The most expensive part here is the car, if it is not. Everything else is not so important. Because equipment is not needed so much, and you can rent a small room.

The main thing is to correctly and effectively advertise and provide truly professional help.

Veterinary on wheels

Veterinary on wheels

Another version of a past idea. This time without renting a room. The concept is that the room is not rented at all, and the equipment is located in the van. Unlike the previous option, this is not emergency assistance, but simply calling the veterinarian at home with the provision of the necessary services.

Also, with the help of such a car, shares of a free check of pets for standard diseases are arranged. This is both useful and will give an excellent effect as an advertising company.

You can also collaborate with other veterinary clinics, providing them with the services of a vet van with equipment and the departure of your veterinarian. There will be benefits for both sides. You will receive regular customers in the form of companies, and clinics will be able to make efforts to provide their regular customers with the service of a visiting veterinarian.

Why then not take all the orders yourself? And wait for them from the clinics? Because they already have a large customer base, which will be very beneficial for you.

Dog Training Services

Dog Training Services

Professional dog training is mainly done by dog ​​handlers. Therefore, such a business should be opened to a person with a cynological education , otherwise the services will simply be useless and no one will come to you. On the other hand, you can act as a certain aggregator of such services, finding customers and performers. You can open a center and hire several professionals, you can make the business extra if you already have an active business in the zoo industry. There are many options. The fact is that professional dog training services are in demand. Many owners take a pet without knowing anything about the specifics of its breed and then get problems with the “upbringing”. The training service is designed to solve them, or at least advise the owner.



As in the case of anticafe, the boom of which has already passed, but the industry is stable, customers also immediately liked the zoo cafe. And as in the case of anticafe, the emphasis here is not at all on food. And on a good and pleasant pastime.

First of all, we are talking about the kotokafe. Cats remain the favorites of the majority and are not so demanding in care.

In addition, when you open the kotokafe, you will also do a very good deed at the same time – take several pets from the shelter at once. Most importantly, do not forget to sterilize, vaccinate and check with your veterinarian. This is the basic rule of any cafe where there are animals.

As the practice of opening kotokafe shows, the average optimal number of animals is no more than twelve.

There are other options. It does not have to be cats. There are already several examples where raccoons delight people in such an institution. Visitors habitually pay for the time spent in the cafe for drinks, can work there, can communicate, and can play games. And all this simultaneously with direct communication with animals.

Well, now, after we discussed what ideas in the animal industry can be the beginning of your business, we will be transferred to the sphere of unusual ideas. They are really unusual, see for yourself. However, they already exist. Let not in Russia, even in a single copy, however, they exist and bring profit to the owners.

Unusual ideas for business with animals

Compression Linen for Racing Horses

Compression Linen for Racing Horses

So that you immediately understand what it is about, think about how a runner or a swimmer looks. His suit is a special development that not only helps reduce air or water resistance. It helps to avoid injuries – sprains, damage to ligaments and joints.

So here. Hidez wondered why no one in this vein thought about horse racing. After all, they are also athletes who tear to win. And she released special costumes specifically for horses.

Hospice for animals

Hospice for animals

It acts like a human case. This facility provides care for the elderly and sick animals. Also, such a business, which was opened by one of the entrepreneurs in England, provides the services of “euthanasia at home.” The case is successful, albeit sad.

Hotels for insects

Hotels for insects

Actually, this is not quite a business. This is a project in one of the French cities where the construction of such interesting houses decided to draw the attention of residents to problems from the animal world, as well as to stimulate the distraction of urban residents from everyday life towards imagination and wildlife. The Incetopia project received great popularity, and the mayor of the city ordered it.

Why did we include this idea in our article? Because for the business sector, it can be interesting from the point of view of commercial projects for municipal customers, for organizers of park zones, or even for private amateurs.

After all, the project itself looks very interesting – a kind of mixture of magic houses, birdhouses and a hive. And this is just one of the options.

International transportation of animals

Pet ReLocation has taken a radical approach to transporting animals between countries and continents. Since far from always and everywhere animals are accepted for transportation, and the owner is burdened with many problems, because you need to ensure everything yourself, the company decided that people based on this concept needed a service. And I was not mistaken.

Now, the company is transporting any animals from anywhere to anywhere. And good at making money on it. Because customers like the way the service is arranged and the fact that it is professionals who work in communication with animals.

Diapers for animals

Diapers for animals

We are sure that you have already heard about this. Because diapers for dogs have been invented for a long time and are actively used. But do you know that there are diapers for birds? For what? Have you seen what a parrot can do with furniture, or a canary that was released from a cage? Diapers will solve this dirty problem.

There are a lot of ideas for business related to direct interaction with animals. We have listed far from all. Some lie on the surface, some are already actively used. If at the same time you love animals and dream of doing your own business with them, then you are sure you can find a niche to your liking without any problems. We hope the article was able to help you or came up with your own interesting ideas. Write in the comments.


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