28 hacks for internet marketers in 2020 A range of services for your business

This is an adaptation of the advice from Neil Patel. If you don’t know how to add freshness to your internet marketing strategy for this year, take these hacks. They will definitely help. 

Are you tired of constant algorithm updates?

Marketing is changing, getting harder. Even if you are ready to bear marketing expenses – this still does not guarantee anything. There are experiments, testing of marketing hypotheses, but digital marketing is not as simple as before.

When I was just starting my career as an entrepreneur, companies raised money to hire professional engineers and organize the infrastructure of the enterprise. Giants like Amazon are saving millions of dollars on that now.

And all thanks to marketing.

On the one hand, companies can save on building infrastructure. And most of the money goes to attract customers. Marketing has become a highly competitive medium. This does not mean that you will not succeed in it. This means that the time has come for creativity.

Here are 28 chips from Internet marketing that I use almost every day.

28 hacks for internet marketers in 2020 A range of services for your business

1. Video remarketing

The highest conversion strategy. I put on a remarketing list all who visited my checkout page but didn’t complete it. Then I show on Facebook and YouTube videos about what my customers get.

Each dollar invested in remarketing brought a profit of 12-20 times greater. This tactic is great for starting to change your marketing with something. It works in b2c and b2b.

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2. Opposite actions

A common mistake when doing remarketing is that you direct users to the same page from which they left without completing the targeted action. Send them to a page with the opposite content or sentence.

For example, you tried to make logical arguments in favor of the fact that your product will solve the human problem. Try now to drop logic and simply evoke emotions in a person.

Try to show the person something else, evoke in him those emotions that contribute to the purchase.

I really like the example from the series “Mad Men”. When developing an advertising slogan for a brand of cigarettes, Draper refers to the process of making tobacco, what emotions it causes.

3. Two stages of checkout

From my own experience, I’ll say: I get 9-11% more conversions when I make checkout pages two-stage, whether it’s a regular page in an online store or a lead generation page in a b2b company.

If a person tells you his name and email address, he is more likely to give you other necessary information. In the end, he has already begun the process of communicating with you. You can also send a letter to those people who started but did not complete the registration.

4. Sidebar links

On your blog, don’t forget about links to basic content units. And I mean every page of your blog. Do not spend a lot of time creating text in anchors.

This little trick will give fresh air to your basic materials.

And within a year after that, your materials will definitely be on Google. That’s how my Google AdWords content has been on the front page for a very long time.

5. Different sources of keywords

If you’ve already reached the top of the page with certain requests, put the phrases in Ubersuggest (or another service that analyzes keys and suggests using new ones).

You will get a list of keys with long tails. Add them to the page. You will attract even more people who enter narrowly specific queries in the search.

Within a month you will see a surge in traffic on the site. However, do not forget: if you want to enter a new key, the user must find the answer to it in the text. You will need to update the information and add a new one.

6. Do not limit yourself to newsletters.

Email marketing is what most sites and blogs use. If you add push notifications, chat bots, then you are guaranteed to double traffic.

In other words, mailings attract 1,000 visitors per month, push and chat bots will attract the same amount. In addition, these tools show a higher clickthrough rate than regular letters. At the same time, they get a lot more unsubscribes.

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7. Brand queries – the fastest way to increase positions

Regardless of your industry, the more people enter your company’s name in a search engine and go to the site, the faster your domain will grow. This applies not only to brand-related terms, it works in general with all the phrases you are promoting.

If you want to increase demand for the products of your brand, then the time has come for crazy PR tricks. To see if they work, enter your company name in Google Trends. So I take the first place for the query “Internet marketing”.

Results will be in 2-3 months.

8. For YouTube, the first 24 hours play a role

If you want to succeed in video marketing on Youtube, you need to pay attention to the first day after the publication of the video. If he succeeds, then immediately you will receive rating and traffic. This is the exact opposite of SEO.

Each time you release a new video, promote it on your channels – newsletters, push, etc. This is a good way to promote your video and earn visits to the site later.

9. Facebook likes comments

One of the important factors of the Facebook feed is the number of comments. The more you get them, the more views will be under your posts.

Ask the audience to leave a comment will be much more effective than working on likes and reposts.

For example, I can ask a question in my video: “Do you use voice search?” And ask to answer in the comments under the corresponding post. No matter how people answer the question, the main thing is that I will get a comment from them. This will increase the average coverage of one post by 2-3 times.

I tested this chip for a very long time and realized that people are very willing to respond to such calls and do not hesitate to leave comments.

10. Adding a year to title increases clickthrough rate

If a blog generates most of your traffic, the easiest way to increase your site’s ranking is to get a better CTR compared to similar sites. You can add a year to the page title. So you let people know that the content is relevant. These pages collect more clicks.

So, the article “A Complete List of Tools for SEO (updated in 2018)” will work more effectively than the title “A Complete List of SEO Tools”.

Another way that also works well is headings like “How to start a blog in 2019.” He will collect even more transitions, as people want to prepare for the new year in order to withstand competition.

On the other hand, if you add a year to the tag, and your content is outdated, you will get a lot of refusals and a decrease in page rank. Therefore, be careful when using this tactic, do not mislead people.

11. Do not use dates in the URL

Many bloggers put dates in URLs in the hope that their content will go to news sites and aggregators. Do not do that!

When I deleted all dates from my addresses, search traffic grew by 58%. This is my easiest and funniest marketing victory. I saw the result after 30 days.

Decide to use this feature – do not forget to configure 301 redirects correctly for old addresses.

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12. Subdirectories vs subdomains

When I changed the address of blog.crazyegg.com to crazyegg.com/blog, I immediately saw an increase in search traffic by 11%.

If you will use this hack, then change all internal links to the new address. And, of course, do not forget about 301 redirects from old addresses to new ones.

13. Hreflang works better with subdomains

Above, I meant that subdirectories work better than subdomains. But this does not apply when you publish content in different languages.

For example, you expand your site and make the Spanish version. It is better to create a separate url structure for it.

14. Start with link intersections

Links matter when it comes to SEO. And building a link profile will be long and dreary, as the algorithms get more complicated every day, getting links is becoming more difficult.

The easiest way to link forward is to find intersecting links through Ahrefs. You will find out which sites link to your competitors, not to you. And if someone puts links to 3-4 competitive sites, this suggests that they are more likely to put a link to your site. Just write about it to the site owner.

15. Building a personal brand has become easier

People trust personal brands more than corporate ones. This is emphasized by a comparison of search traffic to a corporate blog and a personal one.

If you want more subscribers, faster traffic growth – give your brand a human face. But remember that a personal brand is more difficult to sell and grow in a multi-million dollar company.

16. The best way to get podcast listeners is to use a popup

Want more listeners for your podcasts? Add a pop-up window to the site with the intent to leave the site.

Ask people to sign up for podcast updates. Differentiate users by smartphone models, so that on each device the window is beautiful, attractive, and not causing rejection.

I am talking primarily about smartphones, because it is from them that listeners come mainly. I think it’s clear why.

17. Video format suitable for LinkedIn

Upload video content instead of text to a social network. You will immediately receive 2-3 times more attention. And the same increase in traffic to your site.

By the way, this advice applies to all social networks. If you want to get more traffic from them, see what type of content the social network prefers.

18. Magazines and courses offer higher conversion rates than e-books

An e-book is a standard lead magnet. And while offering something in exchange for an email address is great, there are better options.

An online course or training will give more subscribers than an e-book. Checked.

Step-by-step training courses also show a good conversion.

19. Buying a website is cheaper than buying traffic

If you know that some terms of payment per click convert well, why not buy a site that fully meets these conditions?

So, for $ 500,000, I bought a site that already had traffic. And did not lose.

If you buy a resource that already has traffic, get ready for the fact that it will not be converted (as well as paid). Contextual advertising will help to better control the landing page, limit the amount of content, optimize conversions. However, do not consider sites that will not have your target audience.

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20. Quizzes and polls collect more applications than forms of lead generation

Most marketers collect leads through special forms like “Leave a request, and we’ll call you.” This is not as effective as collecting leads through special polls and quizzes.

When I redid the lead generation form and replaced it with a survey, I received traffic growth of 281%.

21. Tools generate more traffic than content marketing

The cost of training is higher, and the benefit in the long run is much lower.

When I developed SEO Analyzer, I invested $ 25,000, then spent another $ 1,800 each month on hosting and support. I received 73 201 visits per month. Ubersuggest cost me more, but it brings in nearly half a million visits.

22. Direct paid traffic to content first

Marketing is like a date. You cannot guarantee that the cold traffic that you direct directly to a product or service will have a high conversion rate.

You’ll see how paid advertising can improve your performance if you first direct traffic to your educational blog. You can then put these users on your remarketing list and bring it to the purchase.

23. Facebook Ads

Are you struggling to run an ad that will convert and make a profit? Have you checked your competitors? Their ads may overwhelm yours. And it’s not about clicking.

Go to the community of your competitors, open the information and look at those ads that are run by competitors.

Start by showing similar advertisements. Since they work for competitors, what makes you worse?

24. Reply to comments

In paragraph 9, I said that Facebook likes comments.

Another simple hack is to respond to comments in your community. And after asking new questions.

So you will receive appeals from the audience. The social network will consider that you are actively leading your community and will give you benefits.

25. Do not forget about AMP

If you need traffic from the international market, use AMP. You will get a good boost.

For example, AMP pages in Brazil gave me 28% traffic growth. For the markets of countries with poorly developed infrastructure, this works especially effectively.

26. Webinars are the best way to sell courses and books

If you want to monetize your blog, the best way is to start selling educational materials for a fee. This is better than doing a paid course for 500 bucks.

So, with every 100 registrations on my webinar, I get 3.6% of sales.

27. Add. selling doesn’t harm conversion, it helps increase revenue

Naturally, you want people to buy as many products as possible from you.

An easy way to do this is to offer additional, related products. So you add value to each individual customer.

28. Redistribute your content over and over again.

You probably spend a lot of time and energy writing useful material. And spend little money on its promotion.

Most people write an article, rummage through social networks. That’s all. A few more people send email notifications.

If you redistribute content that is useful to your audience and has not lost its relevance, you can double or even triple the traffic that you receive for this article. Think about it.

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I know that you saw some hacks from here in other sources. And some may make you laugh. But they work. I checked each of them several times.


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