7 Business ideas without investments for women

Modern society is gradually discarding unnecessary stereotypes. The old ideas that there are areas of activity that are inaccessible to women, those where they cannot cope due to their “female mindset”, “hormonal surges”, and “weakness”, are leaving. Today you can find thousands and thousands of examples where women cope in the most difficult conditions, sometimes even better than men, proving that gender does not play any role here. It’s all about the man himself.

The same is true in business. There is no industry where only a man could become a successful entrepreneur. However, due to the still persistent public perceptions, in today’s article we will present several types of business that will definitely suit women. Go.

Gifts for women

Gifts for women

How often on the eve of any women’s holiday you can meet crowds of men clutching their heads in the inability to come up with a suitable gift for their soul mates? Is always! Choosing gifts is difficult. Choosing gifts for women when you are a man is twice as difficult. Therefore, the organization of women’s gifts becomes an excellent idea for starting a woman’s business.

This business will not be seasonal, but in such “seasons” as March 8 will have a surge of activity. Throughout the rest of the time, you can also achieve sales activity, but you will have to think through a marketing strategy and choose the appropriate advertising sites. And also make your sets very stylish so that you can count on brand recognition on just one label.

You can start a business with making gift sets for women. It is from what women like. The scalability of this business is simply gigantic. Over time, you can come to the point of not just collecting sets for orders, but taking orders to come up with individual gifts for a particular person. The service will be in demand, definitely.

Joint purchases

Joint purchases

Very often, certain products exist only on order, or are not available in all cities and shops. And its delivery adds to the rather considerable cost two more times for the same amount. What do they do in such cases? That’s right, organize a joint purchase. Naturally, the main condition in this matter will be the number of people who need this product.

Why did we include talk about joint procurement in the business category for women? Because joint purchases are very common among craftsmen and parents. It turned out that there are more women among the handmade masters, as among the parents who are engaged in the purchase of the right things for their children.

The essence of the business is to organize such purchases. That is, to bring together people who need a particular product that can be ordered so that with the right amount it will be cheaper. Then find a supplier of these products, then order.

A joint purchase among your friends is suitable for starting. Then you can create your own group. Further more. The scaling of the business will consist in the growing coverage of regular participants in the procurement and the expansion of possible goods that can be purchased cheaper in this way.

An important role, as always, will be played by advertising. Because joint purchasing groups have existed for a long time, but there are almost no really large ones.

As for investments, it is likely that in order to attract more customers, you will first have to make several orders without prepayment from those involved. These are the risks. Therefore, we are talking about the fact that it is better to start with our friends.

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Social Media Blogging

Social Media Blogging

In a general sense, this is an already developed industry. Now there are a lot of bloggers both among men and among women. Moreover, there are areas where it is almost impossible for a man to cope, simply because he is not interested in her. For example, cosmetics for women. This is called a beauty blog.

But so that you understand, really great results in blogging can be achieved in the area that you really like. Therefore, you need to push from your preferences. And then turn it into a business. Yes, two birds with one stone – your favorite hobby will begin to monetize.

In order for a personal blog to become a business, you need to reach a certain mark in subscribers. The standard mark is at the level of five thousand people. As soon as you have more subscribers, you can talk about popularity and expect that someone you want to advertise. And this is already earnings. And passive. Further more. It will be possible to negotiate with sponsors, representatives of companies whose product you are talking about in a blog, to attract other people.

But for starters, subscribers. They need live. Winning yourself five thousand people for money is not a difficult task. That’s just all of them will be inactive. This means that advertisers will not be interested in your “site”.

In order to gain as many subscribers, you will need to create content that is interesting to these subscribers. Constantly. This can be both video and text posts, photo publications. There are a lot of ways to create interesting material. A business is primarily suitable for those who have a blog as a hobby and have an approximate idea of ​​who their audience is, what they like and what they react to.

Also, it will not be amiss to use several social networks at once. So you can count on greater involvement and coverage. Such a business is not being created quickly. But investment does not require any. Unless on the material, if you talk about specific products on the blog. And for a little advertising, if you need to speed up the process.

Dog walking

Dog walking

For business, you need to love dogs. If you can’t stand them, better not even try.

In general, such a business has existed for a very long time and has come to us from abroad. It was there that people began to pay other people for walking their pets. After all, not everyone has a lot of free time. And animals need it.

Moreover, several “clients” walk at once. If you do this with only one dog at a time, you won’t earn much. But to start from scratch, you can start with single orders.

The price tag for own services should be increased with the increase in the number of orders for walking. But it will have to be formed on the basis of how much other walkers usually take for this. It is important whether you have other representatives of this profession in the area (or city). Even in such a case, it is worth monitoring the market.

Oddly enough, this is a very flexible type of activity in terms of entrepreneurship. Even a teenager can start making money on this. The main thing here is to have free time. And you can scale the matter as much as you like. So, for example, if you have many regular customers who are ready to pay, then in the future it will be possible to hire assistants to increase not only the number of orders, but also the coverage area. Until the opening of a full-fledged agency that will provide dog walking services throughout the city. And after that, or in parallel – to begin to provide other services. For example, to engage in the delivery of dog food. The main thing here is to gain a customer base.

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Chocolate and cooking workshops for children

Chocolate and cooking workshops for children

We combined these two options in essence of a different business into one, because you can start from the first, and then go to the second as an option to expand your business.

Chocolate making is actually a simple process. There are two options. The first is the finished chocolate just drown, and then poured into the necessary molds. The second is to boil from scratch from the initial ingredients – cocoa beans, cocoa butter, icing sugar and others. Moreover, learning technology will not work. Information can be easily found both on the Internet, and pass a specialized master class.

Next – create your own line of sweet goods, develop stylish packaging, sell and simultaneously develop a branch of master classes for children. The fact is that master classes for children will not be aimed at teaching how to cook this sweet professionally. It will be positioned as entertainment, as a tour. And most importantly – it is already in demand, and also – children like it very much. At an objective price, their parents will like it.

MK for chocolate making can be offered in the school entertainment program, individually, in the program for organizing children’s parties and birthdays. There are a lot of potential customers. And even those who have already visited your event will not fall out of the list of potential customers for the future.

Advertising such MK is not expensive. First of all, this is word of mouth. Here it is very effective. The second is maintaining a page on a social network. That is, everything is free. Costs will be on the premises. But it will not be possible to rent on an ongoing basis, and it is easy to bring equipment. On the equipment itself and all materials. It is necessary to calculate the volumes of materials for each MK individually, based on the expected number of people. As a rule, everything immediately pays off.

MK for culinary skills for children is already an option on how to scale a business. That is, we are moving from chocolate making to other cooking options. Everything is carried out according to the same scheme. MK should be primarily interesting and entertaining, because they are designed for children.

Beauty at home

Beauty at home

The topic has long been popular among women

Reasons for popularity – the services of a home master compare favorably in cost from salons. At a minimum, because you do not have to pay for a separately rented room.

Usually, those who are already fond of their own make-up begin to do this. To improve skills, to become a competitive master, you should undergo professional training. And this is one of the largest investment articles in the whole case. The rest is only the purchase of tools, materials and advertising.

At the same time, a beauty salon is the common name for all services. Often, masters are engaged in only a specific type of work – doing eyelashes, makeup, manicure, styling, keratinization. You can start with just one thing, but use the rest gradually as an extension of your own capabilities. Which will also help to be more in demand in a market where there is a lot of competition.

As for advertising, it’s worth starting with word of mouth through friends. The market is such that immediately using advertising on paid sites does not make much sense.

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Handicrafts for sale

Handicrafts for sale

This is an extensive topic, which includes a huge number of variations of the product itself. We combined everything into one theme, because the essence of all these variations is the same. But what exactly to do – everyone decides for himself.

A business is built from the simplest actions – that is, the actual manufacture of products to the expansion of sales and orders through various channels. As a result, we come either to the store (you can simultaneously engage in online trading and retail), or to the fact that individual orders cover the entire time of manufacture and completely suit you, ensuring constant employment and profit.

Among the things you can do in the handicraft industry:

  • Making jewelry (stones, jewelry, polymer clay, foamiran, etc.)
  • Making handmade cosmetics
  • Designer clothing
  • Handmade goods for children (slings, toys, rodents)
  • Leather products
  • Wood Products
  • Decoupage
  • Paintings
  • Bizi-boxes and Bizi-boards

This is only a small part of the options. After you start to manufacture products, you will need to sell and advertise your brand. The second is to create the effect of recognition and build up the base of regular customers. It is done primarily through social networks and business cards.


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