Author account on Instagram: what is it and how to go?

In 2019, a new type of account appeared on Instagram – the Author Account or Creator Account, created specifically for bloggers. You can go to it for free directly in the application on your phone. Using the Author Account, you can see how many subscribers you have added per day, and all other statistics from the business account will remain after switching to the Author Account. Even with the help of such an account it will be possible to officially cooperate with brands and stores.

In this article we will tell you how to create and delete an author’s account, see statistics, and where to find “branding” to publish official ads.


  • How to go to the Author Account on Instagram?
  • How to disable Author Account or business account?
  • What does the author account give?

How to go to the author’s account on Instagram?

How to go to the author’s account on Instagram

Open your page. On the top right, click the three bars and go to settings.

Select the “Account” section and then “Go to the author’s account”.

Choose “Author”

Did you know that by the rules the word “blogger” is written with one letter “g”? But the translators on Instagram made a mistake, and when choosing a category it displays a “BloGger”.

Here you can make the Author’s account header on Instagram minimalistic by removing the description. Or leave as usual.

Done, you are transferred to the Author Account on Instagram.

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How to delete the author’s account on Instagram?

The author’s account can always be transferred to a personal or business account.

On your page, click on the top three strips, go to “Settings”.

Select “Account”, then “Go to personal account.”

What does the “Author Account” give?

What does the "Author Account" give


You can:

  • without additional applications, find out how many people subscribed to you and how many unsubscribed – for the last week as a whole and separately for each day;
  • View all other statistics that are in the business account.

Messages to Direct: two tabs will appear in the Author’s Account : “Inbox” and “General”, where you can move messages from one to another – so you can leave only important correspondence in your inbox and send everything else to “General”; all new messages will continue to be in “Requests for correspondence”.

Contact information: you can show or hide information about yourself and the category to which you assign your account (blogger, athlete, etc.).

Branding: official collaboration of bloggers with brands and advertisers.

To find branding settings, go to the “Author” tab in the settings

Free access to Instagram Creator Studio: it’s all the same Instagram account statistics, but you can see it from your computer (on Facebook).

Users are now writing on Instagram “gradually get the opportunity” to go to the Author’s Account. That is, it is still not available to everyone, mostly not available for recently created accounts.

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The author’s account appeared in 2019 on Instagram to separate business and bloggers. If you have a store or business, we recommend that you create a   business account, and for bloggers – the author’s account. Instagram is constantly updated and adds new features and statistics. Now there are not many differences, you can try both types of profiles on Instagram. You can always make back a personal page or a business account. To go to the Author’s Account on Instagram, you need to have at least 10,000 subscribers before, but now you can less.


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