Auto dent repair, an interesting business idea

Over time and use, the body of your vehicle may have some dents. Thanks to paintless dent removal (dsp) techniques, it is now possible to easily remove these unwanted dents, at low cost and without immobilizing the vehicle for too long.

Auto dent repair techniques

The principle of paintless dent removal

If the paint was not damaged during the shock or impact, the dsp makes it possible to straighten the sheet metal of the body. For this purpose, the technician will apply small repeated pressures on the deformed area until the imperfections disappear completely.

Repairers use two different techniques to remove blemishes.

1. The “push” technique.

In this case, the technician uses several tools of different diameters to apply pressure from the back of the damaged panel.

2. The “draw” technique

Using a suction cup and a special glue, the technician pulls the bump outwards to make it disappear. Then the glue is removed with household alcohol.

The advantages of DSP

Hiring a paintless dent repair
specialist will save you a lot of time and money. It should be noted that a light intervention takes 15 to 30 minutes. On the other hand, for a badly damaged car, the operation takes several hours.

Thus, thanks to his know-how, a professional can restore a bodywork to perfect condition.

The price of paintless dent removal

Auto dent removal may only be performed by a qualified expert.

Prices are generally displayed. For a simple bump , it will cost you around forty euros. For more pronounced or more numerous bumps, the estimate can go up to 300 €.

Auto dent removal, a growing market

Paintless dent removal is a dynamic market, still underdeveloped in France.

The dsp offers substantial development prospects for three reasons.

First, the know-how is relatively recent and still not very widespread. Customers are often interested in this advantageous service for the motorist and that they do not know or little.

Second, there are still few competitors . So there are places to take.

And third, the demand is growing. Indeed, the episodes of hail tend to multiply because of climate change. In addition, the development of leasing leads rental companies to have vehicles repaired at the end of the rental periods.

What steps to take to create an auto body repair business?

Study of the paintless dent repair market

To ensure that there are sufficient opportunities for your business, it is recommended that you conduct market research in your catchment area.

Development of a business plan

The next step after the market research will be to develop your personalized business plan.

This essential document will serve you for two important purposes. On the one hand, it will allow you to validate the assumptions made for your project and to demonstrate the feasibility and applicability of your business model. On the other hand, you can use it to attract potential financial partners like banks.

A business plan includes elements of market research, but it goes further when it comes to running your business. In this document you will explain your project in detail.

Your strategic positioning, your services and your sales and marketing strategy are classic elements of a business plan. It should also include financial documents such as your balance sheet and a statement of expected earnings, investment needs, or even cash flow.

Which legal status to choose for your DSP company?

Another important step concerns the legal form of your business.

If you plan to start a business of some size, with partners and employees, the choice will naturally fall on a company. An SARL, an SAS or even a SASU seem ideal.

Franchise networks in the auto body repair sector

The auto body repair market , although recent, is starting to take shape.

Several auto body repair franchise networks have thus emerged over the past decade:

  • France Débosselage intervenes mainly following hailstorms , in partnership with insurance companies and dealers of new or used vehicles. This network connects independent entrepreneurs who have followed an 8-week training course to acquire real know-how.
  • DspRéseau was created by a craftsman specializing in paintless dent removal . This network only integrates professionals already experienced in the dsp . The emphasis is on developing local partnerships for each body repairer.
  • Whow Débosselage emphasizes the use of ecological processes in the maintenance of vehicles . In addition to the dsp, it offers green indoor and outdoor cleaning services, in B2B as well as B2C.

Franchise networks offer their members commercial and management methods and tools to develop your business.


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