Business idea – luminous flowers

People love to give presents. And businessmen should use it. Today everyone wants original gifts. A classic floral bouquet is, of course, wonderful. But if the reason is serious, I want to surprise. That is why in recent years, the business in the field of luminous flowers has become more than profitable and has found its niche.

Business idea – luminous flowers

No “modern technology” in the field of luminous flowers is involved. Only live plants that are treated with either a phosphor (inexpensive special paint) or biological gel. As a result, when a flower is in the dark, it literally glows.

Business idea - luminous flowers

With regards to the means to create a glow, from the point of view of ecology they pose no threat. They do not harm plants, humans or animals. Therefore, problems with organizing a business from the point of view of environmental legislation will not arise.

There are two inexpensive methods to turn simple flowers into luminous, thereby increasing their retail value:

1. Purchase of gel. After applying the bio-gel, the appearance of the plant does not deteriorate. Moreover, during the day, the tool is completely invisible. The gel is usually applied to the base of the petals. Thus, the impression is visually created that the petals are illuminated by something from the inside. The gel allows you to not only create a glow, but also certain inscriptions or figures on the plant. Thanks to this tool, flowers live longer, since the evaporation of moisture slows down.

2. Purchase of light-accumulating paint. This is an even more inconspicuous way to create a lighting effect. The paint bud does not get heavier. Also, the agent has a sufficient level of vapor permeability. Accordingly, the paint does not harm the flower in any way.

Business idea - luminous flowers

The paint is also suitable for fresh flowers. A brush is used to work with the product. The outline of the petals is allocated to her, or the beauty of the stem can be emphasized. A small brush allows you to create beautiful patterns with your skillful hand. The glow from the paint is more saturated bright than in the case of the gel.

What materials will be required

Manufacturers produce gel in ordinary bottles. Their standard volume is 210 ml. This volume is enough to stain 210 buds. The price tag for a quality gel is 35-40 euros.

What materials will be required

Paint can be purchased in a volume of 1 liter. The average price tag is 60-70 dollars. For this money, you can color from 1000 to 1500 buds, depending on how efficiently you are staining.

You can also get a small bottle of paint – these are the so-called 50 ml sampler sets. It is advisable to buy a set if you need different colors and shades. With different colors in harmony with each other, you can create a truly unique bouquet.

If you need the most bright glow, then your choice is pure phosphor paint.

Who suits a business idea with luminous colors

She uses flower shops. This is a great idea for people who grow flowers in their summer cottages and want to sell them more expensive. You can start with such a position that you sell exclusively luminous flowers and, upon the client’s request, create unique multi-colored bouquets with patterns.


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