Business ideas for men

It is good to work in a high position in a large company. But for many men, freedom of action and the ability to manage their own lives is very important. An employee creates wealth for other people; the stability of his career is an extremely unreliable thing. Only a few of the senior management receive a decent salary, allowing you to create a decent financial reserve and gain confidence in the future. For most employees, job loss threatens, if not collapse, then a sharp decline in living standards.

Creating your own business is more likely to provide a decent life. It is only important to choose a promising direction.


business ideas Freelance

The popularity of this method of earning is growing at an impressive pace. If you have not encountered this concept, a few words explaining its essence. Freelance is working on the Internet. Hiring a specialist with a narrow focus on permanent work is not always profitable. It often happens that the right person in the area of ​​direct access is simply not there. Therefore, to implement various projects, customers are looking for artists on the network. There are a lot of similar offers, specialists of various directions are in demand – web designers, programmers, copywriters and others.

For the freelancer, the Internet opens up a host of additional opportunities in finding a decent job, eliminates the need to work in a stuffy office on a clear schedule, and offers a ton of options for creating your own business. There are many exchanges with various orders from Russian employers. But serious earnings are possible on foreign exchanges, to work with foreign clients you need to be fluent in English.

Freelance is a great opportunity to create a profitable online business – an online store, an entertainment or information site that will bring you a decent income.

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Sport Club

business ideas Sport Club

A healthy lifestyle and excellent physical shape are chosen by more and more successful men or those who have just embarked on this path. Worthy clubs for sports in Russia are sorely lacking. Take advantage of the moment and take a niche free from competitors.

To create a sports club you will need a certain starting capital. Funds are needed for the rental and repair of premises, the acquisition of fitness equipment and sports equipment. To reach a larger target audience, you can go beyond classes for men and set aside specific days for women’s training.

Extreme Entertainment Organization

busines ideas Extreme Entertainment Organization

This area is chosen by men, who themselves are devoted fans of active and sometimes dangerous types of recreation. It is worth noting that more people want to experience a surge of adrenaline, and the organization of such a club has good prospects. Paintball clubs, quad biking and other types of water sports, skydiving, mountain climbing are very popular.

If in your city or its environs there are conditions for the chosen direction, and there are no worthy competitors, start organizing a business. It is very important that the club owner himself be a very experienced extreme player and be able to ensure the complete safety of customers.

Private fishing pond

busines ideas Private fishing pond

A rare man does not like fishing with friends. But there are very few worthy bases near reservoirs full of fish in the country. There is another problem – because of poaching in natural lakes and rivers, very few fish. But what kind of fisherman without a decent catch? Comfortable conditions are also important for vacationers: a guarded parking lot for cars, a place for a tent or comfortable houses, a small shop with the most necessary fishing equipment.

You can rent or buy an attractive piece of land. You can create an artificial pond or tidy up an existing one, raise fish and earn good money on it.

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Fishing store

busines ideas Fishing store

This idea is also related to fishing and can be implemented as an addition to a private reservoir. But even a fishing store itself can bring decent income if its owner himself is an avid fisherman and has sufficient starting capital.

To organize a store you need a substantial amount, most of which will be used to purchase a decent assortment of goods. The minimum capital for opening the smallest store is about 700,000 rubles. Also, there should be a reserve for replenishing the assortment and covering current expenses in the first months.


busines ideas Trade

You can choose any group of products, but there are areas in which you do not have to compete with women. The most popular ones are the store of equipment, auto parts, motorcycle equipment and other goods interesting to men.

If you have enough capital, you can open the store offline. If the required amount is not yet available, do not give up on this idea. Internet trading does not require significant capital for the initial acquisition of a decent assortment. It is important to establish contacts with suppliers in advance and, when ordering a certain product, ensure its quick delivery. You can earn start-up capital for organizing your own store and for intermediary activities in the chosen direction of trade.

Food production

busines ideas Food production

The organization of any production requires much more effort than creating a business in the service sector or trade. It is for this reason that the majority of entrepreneurs refuse production. And very in vain. Organizational troubles, significant start-up investments and a longer period of return on payback are paid back by stable income and strong market positions. The choice of directions is huge, competition in the domestic market is minimal.

Carefully study the most popular areas. It is better to choose the type of product for which there will be the highest demand now and in the future. If there is no start-up capital, start with a small workshop. So you will earn sufficient funds for further development and gain invaluable experience.

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Moto taxi

busines ideas Moto taxi

Where the car will stand for hours in traffic jams, a nimble and compact motorcycle or scooter will pass. For a big city, this business idea is priceless, and the service will be very popular.

Additionally, you can create a courier service. If there is a lack of customers, for example, in adverse weather, you can earn money by providing courier services.


Food will be bought at any time, and this is a very promising area. World scientists believe that soon the problem of food shortages will be very acute for humanity. Those who will now begin to work in the agricultural sector will win in a few years.

But there is one extremely important nuance – modern technologies for growing crops. It is unlikely that it will work in the old way, it is too difficult, inefficient and greatly impoverishes fertile soils. Master the advanced farming technologies. It is advisable to choose an environmentally friendly direction, this is what the civilized world is now striving for.

You can start with a small plot and grow greens in a greenhouse. If the profit will be invested in development, everything will surely work out.


busines ideas Livestock

In this direction, things are the same as in crop production. Immense prospects and the opportunity to start with a small farm. Do you live in a big city? This is not a reason to abandon livestock – farming in the vicinity of the metropolis will bring big profits much faster. The cost of transporting products that are sold in a big city at a higher price is reduced. There will also be no problems with wholesale customers – food processing plants, restaurants and retail chains are at your service.

If you are a beginner, choose animals whose care does not require deep knowledge. No big start-up capital? Start with a small farm or raise rabbits in the country. At the start, it is better to refrain from cattle breeding – payback occurs in a few years. Poultry, sheep, rabbits and nutria bring tangible profits throughout the year. Buyers should be sought in advance. Food processing plants and retail chains buy meat cheaper than independent trade on the market will bring. But in terms of perspective, such partnerships are more beneficial.

Think about the development and creation of your own workshop for the processing of meat, milk, wool or animal skins. This will reduce dependence on wholesale purchasers and allow higher profits.

Non-Food Product Manufacturing

busines ideas Non-Food Product Manufacturing

This sphere includes all types of products that are not consumed in food, and it is immense. Choose any direction, it is better to focus on promising and innovative products, the demand for which will grow. Perhaps you already have an interesting idea in mind. No business experience or knowledge of technological processes? Work at one of the factories of your area of ​​interest or hire specialists.

Organization of production requires significant start-up capital. But in its absence, you can start with a small workshop that produces goods that are in high demand, and earn the funds that are needed to implement your project. Look for investors. If your idea is interesting, funds for its implementation are sure to be found. Pay attention to franchise projects. Perhaps someone is already working in your area of ​​interest. Purchasing a franchise is a great opportunity to start a small business and get the support of an experienced partner.

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Repair of apartments

business ideas Repair of apartments

No one doubts that this is a truly masculine direction. Repair work is always in demand, and with a responsible approach to business, you can make very good money.

An ideal option for starting is a full-fledged team, in which there are specialists in all types of work: electrician, plumber, tiler and others. If you can’t assemble such a team, focus on one or more types of repair work, but bring these directions to perfection.

The success of a repair company depends largely on the availability of its own transport, modern and professional tools, and close ties with suppliers of inexpensive and high-quality building materials. But this level requires considerable upfront costs. If the required amount is not yet available, you can start with mediation. This is as follows. You conclude an agreement with a reliable and successful repair team, look for customers and get your percentage (10-20%) of the transaction amount.

The second option is to organize a team of single masters. To find such people is easy if you are already working in the field of repairs. As a rule, a good master already has a professional tool. Joining forces is profitable – it brings more profitable orders. If you can offer new partners favorable conditions for cooperation, the start will be successful.

Trade in various beer

busines ideas Trade in various beer

This is a very profitable business – the margin on a barrel of a popular drink is about 100% for the most popular varieties and 40-50% for expensive types. The idea is suitable for activities both in a small town and in a metropolis. There is seasonality – in summer, beer diverges much better. But with proper business organization, you can make good money in the winter.

Another advantage is the relatively small start-up capital. A small point can be opened by investing about 200,000 rubles. Beer producers offer equipment for rent, and you can take advantage of this. It is important to choose the right location for your store. Good sales bring points near train stations, bus stations, markets, parks and other recreation areas. Try to stay as far away from competitors as possible.

Do you think that there are too many points with draft beer, and too crowded in this niche? Pay attention to the level of service in these stores. Decent service, fresh beer, a wide range of varieties and related products offer units. If you can offer customers quality service and think out a strategy for developing your business, success is guaranteed.


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