Business ideas from scratch: TOP 50 of the best, most profitable small business ideas for beginners

In this article we will talk about business from scratch, or rather about the 50 best working ideas of small business that will always be relevant. These are real business ideas, they are relatively simple and accessible to everyone.

Business ideas from scratch

1. A coffee shop on wheels

An interesting business idea from scratch is a coffee shop on wheels, you will need a mini bus, a coffee machine, additives, syrups, coffee, milk, disposable tableware, as well as a seller for the sale of goods. The size of investments for opening this business is $ 11,800; net profit per month can reach $ 5,500.

For active sales, the right choice of location will bring you the greatest possible profit. Mobility of this business will certainly play into your hands.

In the morning and at lunch time, you can concentrate on office workers and sell goods near large business centers. In the evening and in the summer at night, crowded parks and busy squares of the city center are well-suited for sales.

In addition to the option of self-development of the enterprise concept and business plan, you can purchase a franchise, which will cost around 5000-7000 dollars. In this case, you will receive everything you need: from the vehicle to the technology of making coffee and uniforms for sellers.

2. Inflatable trampoline for children

Option business ideas from scratch, with minimal investment. The acquisition of a Chinese trampoline and air blower of a Chinese manufacturer will cost around $ 3,000. At the same time, net profit per month can be up to $ 6,000 . Your business will pay off in 2 months, subject to the selection of a suitable place for accommodation.

During the holidays, the time of visiting the attraction is reduced from 10 to 3 minutes, and the cost increases by 2 times. This does not stop you from attracting enough customers to earn money without a break.

Depending on the region, the season lasts from May to October, or less. The installation of a trampoline in a large shopping center, by prior arrangement with the administration, will help make this business independent of the time of year .

3. Anticafe

A place like anticafe is a room with several differently decorated rooms. Comfortable sofas, board games, coffee, tea and cookies, as well as a large number of new interesting people attract guests who want to have a good time.

The cost of staying in anticafe is only $ 2 per hour , this makes the business in demand and profitable.

To implement this business idea from scratch in a residential building, you will need one or several one-room apartments, furniture, curtains and carpets, dishes, books, a couple of musical instruments at your discretion and everything you need for making tea and coffee. The required starting capital is approximately $ 5,000, income per month is about $7 550.

4. Used construction tools for rent and for sale

This idea of ​​a business from scratch is aimed at those who have a need for a tool, but do not want to buy it for one time use, or simply do not have the opportunity to buy a quality tool.

There is quite a small room , no more than an average garage, and high-quality, durable goods. Placing your business on the construction market will attract customers without investment in advertising.

To implement this idea, you can buy new ones, or you can buy used drills, jigsaws, rotary hammers and other tools that will later be sold with a mark-up, or will be rented out. Investments – $ 4,000, income – $ 6430 / month.

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5. Nanny Recruitment Agency

In search of a good nanny, parents are more likely to turn to a specialized organization than to an individual. Nannies working on behalf of the agency are more responsible and verified people, because the reputation of the employer depends on the quality of their work. This service has a stable demand in the market and brings good income.

To open a small business from scratch, you will need a room with two rooms, furniture, a computer and office equipment. The selection of candidates is carried out by the method of questioning and interviewing a psychologist who will need to be hired.

Agency revenue will be formed from the percentage of earnings of nannies. Investments in this business – $ 5,400, payback period – 12 months, profit per month of work – about $ 7 000.

6. Shopping support

To start a business from scratch, you need a minimum of investment. You need to be well versed in fashion and color combinations, as well as to be stylishly dressed.

This business is better suited for a large city with a wide selection of boutiques and many potential customers.

Payment for services ranges from 10 to 260 $ / hour. The price is based on the experience of the consultant, his popularity and target audience. A shopping consultant can receive additional income from clothing stores, with which there was a preliminary agreement on the recommendation of their goods to their customers.

7. Kindergarten at home

Business from scratch with a quick payback. This option is suitable for you if you love children, have a teacher education and your apartment is located on the ground floor.

A group of children from 6 people from 2 to 4 years old will bring a net profit of $ 3,500 / month . The monthly costs section, which will be around $ 650, includes food, cleaning products, detergents and babysitting. Investments will consist of the acquisition of developing toys, children’s furniture for the kitchen and sleeping places for babies – $ 600.

8. Beauty school

Training in the skills of manicure, makeup and hairstyles is a profitable business. You will need a room of 3 rooms, supplies and equipment, as well as 3 experienced specialists as teachers of each of the areas.

Before starting a beauty training business, you will need to obtain a license . For this, it is necessary to open a training center, write a curriculum and submit an application to the regional center for licensing educational activities on the assignment of the right to issue certificates.

Many schools do without unnecessary bureaucracy and issue certificates of their own sample, which are not an official document. It often happens that the positive reputation of these schools works in such a way that their diplomas and certificates, although not approved by the licensing center, have a rather high significance and value. Investments – 4,000 dollars. Net profit – 4800 $ / month.

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9. Organization of hiking

This interesting idea is a great business from scratch with minimal investment. She is good as extra income for the student. For such a business, it is not necessary to rent a room – you can work at home.

Choose an interesting and picturesque route for the future trip, colorfully paint it on the site with the application of photos of these places. Be sure to publish a list of everything you need for everyone who wants to participate in this event. Set a date for the trip and announce the set in a group.

Types of trips can be very different: sports and recreational trips with elements of physical activity, information trips with visits to historically significant places, trips with the aim of hunting or fishing, mountain, water, skiing and many others. Duration also matters, it can be a weekend trip, or several weeks.

When planning routes, carefully consider how the group will get to the start of the route, where it will stop for the night and eat, what places it will visit.

By hiring several guides, you can not take part in the campaigns themselves, but only deal with the organization. Investments mainly consist of the purchase of camping equipment – $ 340, net profit – $ 7,500 per month.

10. Own kiosk

When creating a business selling small retail products, the determining factor is the choice of location . A small stall will be profitable where it is more convenient for residents of several multi-storey buildings to come to you than to go to the store.

Investments in business – $ 3,450, profit – up to $ 8 700 per month, payback period – on average six months. To increase your income, you can use various methods, for example, extending the life of the kiosk on Friday and on weekends.

11. Installation of stoves and fireplaces

If you are well versed in the masonry of stoves and fireplaces, then this business from scratch with small investments is perfect for you. You can work both independently and with the help of assistants.

For more orders, pay attention to nearby cities and villages.

Perhaps , in one of the small settlements, you will find one single customer who will recommend you to all his friends and spend a lot more clients.

Installation and installation of a fireplace costs around $ 260, if there is one client per week, the master’s income will be $ 1,040 per month. Investments – 1,500 dollars.

12. Organization of quests

Quest games are an active type of recreation popular among young people . A group of people gets into a specially equipped room and has a common task, the implementation of which is a test for the players. Full immersion, the original atmosphere and the credibility of what is happening, make quests more and more famous and in demand in big cities.

To open your small business from scratch, you will need a room with several small rooms, props, furniture, reception equipment and ideas for scripts for games. The down payment is $ 8,600, the monthly profit is $ 9,900 , and the payback period is at least 3 months.

13. Rental products for children

Great business idea from scratch for beginners. The target audience is parents who want to save on the purchase of new toys and families who have arrived in your city for a short time. In this store you can find small motorcycles, cars, walkers and electric swings, playpens, strollers and other expensive goods for children.

Important points:

  • The rental conditions must be written in detail in the contract, a pledge may be established for expensive goods;
  • It is advisable to provide for the possibility of buying out the assortment provided;
  • After the next return, the toys must be treated with a detergent adapted for children.

Buying toys will cost about $ 4,300, the income will be about $ 5 600 per month. The payback period is 8 months.

14. Tea production

A variant of a simple business idea from scratch for beginners, which boils down to the following steps: buying tea in bulk in large bags, packaging in separate packages, with or without aromatic herbs, dried berries or fruits . After that, a label with the name of tea, composition and brand name is glued to each package.

As a platform for sales, you can use the online store and carry out delivery throughout Russia, or come to an agreement on sales with tea shops and shops in your city.

In the case of opening an online store, an investment in the tea business, when buying 3 bags of various top-grade tea and 15 types of various additives, will amount to about $ 1,300. The monthly income is $ 3 580. At the same time, the tea purchased at the beginning is enough for about 3 months of active sales.

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15. Shoe repair

Shoe repair – how to organize a business from scratch? Opening a small shoe repair shop, an entrepreneur will have to invest about $ 3,500. This amount includes the purchase of equipment, rental of premises, the purchase of necessary tools and various heels, heels and materials.

At the beginning of work, there will be not so many clients, but over time you will be able to build up a client base, and the business will generate income up to $4 860 per month .

This business sector has a stable demand, which increases the likelihood of a quick payback and the success of the enterprise.

16. Shop on wheels

Shop on wheels

There are many small villages and villages in which there is simply no own store. To buy the necessary products, residents of such settlements are forced to travel to neighboring, larger villages.

A small mobile store arriving on a schedule 1 or 2 times a day will be a salvation for such villages – it is a profitable business from scratch in a small town .

The main task of the entrepreneur will be the correct choice of the route and notification of residents about the schedule of the mobile store.

Investments, taking into account the purchase of a car and essential products will be $ 8,500. Profit – about $ 6 580 per month.

17. Jet ski rental

If you don’t know what kind of business it is profitable to open from scratch, consider this option: you will need a pair of jet skis, life jackets, an instructor, as well as a pond with a beach and a large number of vacationers.

Two new jet skis with equipment will cost around $ 17,300. A bargain purchase of a used jet ski can significantly reduce the amount of investment and cost $ 10,200.

15 minutes of riding a jet ski costs from $ 8 , when fully loaded, the income per month will be $ 5,600. Investments will pay off for 1 season of work.

18. Business Consulting Agency

Those who do not know which business to start from scratch and come to a full payback in two months may like this idea. Many businessmen, finding themselves in a difficult situation, turn to specialists for advice. This is the right solution, capable of quickly and with minimal losses to solve a difficult problem in business matters.

To provide this service, you will need a small room and 4 specialists – an economist, a lawyer, a business consultant and an auditor. The room should be equipped with workstations and comfortable chairs for clients. Another expense item will be advertising costs.

Creating your own website will allow you to consult online, which is very convenient for busy businessmen and for your employees.

The services provided may vary, from advising on general issues, to assisting in the preparation of business plans. Investments – $ 6,900, income – up to $ 7,500 / month .

19. Organization of romantic dates

For those who want to please their soul mate with an unusual gift, a dating agency will come to the rescue.

A romantic evening on the roof of a multi-storey building in the city center, accompanied by live music, your own waiter and appropriate design, will not leave your customers indifferent.

Let’s figure out how to make a business from scratch. To get started, you will need an arrangement with the administration of the building, a local restaurant and a flower shop nearby. You will also need to attract a photographer, a waiter and musicians.

To create a place for dates, you need upholstered chairs, a table, lighting and decorations. The roof itself should be clean, and customers, if possible, protected from the wind. Remember about the seasonality of the business, in the cold season, finding customers will be quite problematic. Investments – $ 4,000, income – from $ 6,000 per month.

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20. Rehearsal base

Several small rooms with soundproofing, musical instruments for rent and neighbors tolerant to noise – this is all that is needed to open a rehearsal base.

The rep base can be organized in the garage and in a small industrial room, thereby reducing rental costs. 20 – 30 groups that regularly use your services will be able to generate income of up to $ 1000 / month. Investments – 9 300 dollars.

21. Knitting hats and scarves

What kind of business from scratch does not require rental premises? To organize this business, you do not have to rent a room and be able to knit.

Hire four needlewomen who will produce hats, berets and scarves from the threads you provided, and the style you need. Once a week, you can go around the workers and pick up the finished goods, immediately paying for their work.

Headwear can be sold using your own online store, or you can distribute goods using outlets. With a minimum investment of $ 300, this business can make a profit of up to $ 2 450 per month.

22. Business on children’s clothes

Children’s clothing in our time is, at times, unreasonably expensive.

Given that children grow quickly, parents seek to save money and often purchase clothes for their children in online stores, on much more favorable terms.

In the search for goods for your online store, contact the large wholesale manufacturers who supply children’s clothing for large stores. You can also order things from China, it will be much cheaper .

In the second case, it will take some effort to find a good supplier selling quality and inexpensive goods. Investments – $ 2,500, profit – from $ 12 350 per month.

23. The manufacture of decorative tiles

What is the best way to do business from scratch, so that in the first month the profit covers the investments made? A very simple option of your own business is the manufacture of tiles in the form of artificial stone. This tile is good in decorating the walls of residential apartments and offices and is very popular due to its aesthetic qualities and affordable price.

Anyone can make a quality tile similar to natural stone. To do this, you need gypsum, special forms and several pigments. Gypsum is very cheap and easy to use, hardens in 15 minutes, has a white color that is convenient for coloring.

Special forms will allow you to produce goods quickly and efficiently , and due to their strength and flexibility they will last you for a long time. Investments in this business will amount to about $ 700, monthly income – about $ 12,000.

24. School of young parents

For those who do not know which business to open from scratch, we suggest considering this option. Many inexperienced parents are not without interest attending special courses designed to help them understand the issues of parenting and child care.

To organize the educational process, you will need a room with a lecture hall equipped with a board, tables and chairs. For greater visibility during training, it will be useful to purchase a demonstration technique.

Despite the high rent, it is recommended to give preference to the central areas of the city. From the staff you will need a child psychologist, a neonatologist and pediatrician – specialists who can not only convey important information, but also help in case of a problem. Investments – 9 600 dollars. Monthly profit – up to 11800 dollars.

25. Consultations with a cosmetologist and nutritionist

A service that allows you to combine the work of these specialists will allow customers to approach the solution of the problem comprehensively and quickly achieve the desired results. The room for this business may not be very large, you will need 2 workplaces equipped with computers and office equipment, cosmetic repairs and good advertising.

Specialists recruited as a cosmetologist and nutritionist must have the appropriate medical education and work experience.

One comprehensive consultation will cost around $ 34. With a small flow of customers 5 people a day, you will receive an income of about $ 4,000 per month . Investments will be approximately $ 5,000.

26. Studio for the rental of expensive evening dresses

Studio for the rental of expensive evening dresses

Few people can afford to buy a dress for $ 500 to dress once for a celebration or photo shoot and hang it in a closet. Girls do not want to appear in the same outfit at every event, so the rental of beautiful expensive dresses is very popular in Russia, especially in its large cities.

To start a business from scratch, you need to decide on the goods. Dresses for girls in the assortment of the salon should have a different color and size range. The greater the choice, the more likely it is to get a client and increase your income.

This business does not require a large area of ​​the premises – just 20 sq.m. Hangers, mirrors, chairs and decor elements will complement your studio and make it attractive to customers.

To begin with, it will be enough to purchase 20-25 dresses , the choice of which will not hurt the presence of a specialist who is versed in fashion and modern trends. Investments – $ 12,000. Income – up to $ 3,000 per month.

27. Cleaning company

Earnings on cleanliness with acceptable investments and an easy start. To get started, you need to purchase powerful washing vacuum cleaners, cleaning, washing and disinfectants, as well as gloves, masks, and uniforms for staff. To understand how to open your business from scratch, it will be useful to study the stories of some successful cleaning companies.

The number of employees should depend on the results of market analysis for demand and competition. It is recommended that you start with 5 workers and a dispatcher accepting and coordinating orders.

You will also need a vehicle to deliver the brigade to the client’s address, you can buy or rent it, or, for an additional fee, use what is owned by the workers. Do not forget about renting a small office and equipping it with necessary furniture and office equipment. Investments – $ 6,000, income – $ 22,500 / month.

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28. Slimming camp

A profitable business idea , with a fairly low level of competition in the market. The idea is this: a group of people who want to lose weight, but who do not have such an opportunity for certain reasons, conclude an agreement with you, the company that provides the service.

Under the terms of the contract, clients go to live in a special camp for a month, where they will receive healthy rest, proper nutrition and such a rate of physical activity that will help to quickly put in shape.

To create a health camp, a suburban area with several buildings is best suited – a dining room, a house for living, a small improvised sports complex and saunas. Fresh air and the lack of opportunities not to take part in the life of the camp will help you guarantee your customers a visible positive result.

Profitability and payback period will depend on the number of places to stay. When building 3 houses, designed to accommodate 10 people each, you can take up to 90 losing weight in the summer, which will bring $ 47,000 per season.

If you subtract the cost of food, utilities and staff salaries, net profit is about $ 25,000 per season. Investments in this project will cost at least $ 350,000. It should be noted that the presence of a closed sports complex will continue to work in the cold season.

29. Selling SECOND-HAND children’s toys

Many families, having discovered an excess of toys in the apartment, give them to their friends with small children, or simply throw away toys with whole bags. The opening of a reception center for toys in good condition for material reward will certainly attract the attention of many, many families.

To open a used toy store, you will need a small clean room, shelving, 2 shift workers and disinfectants that will be needed to prepare the goods received for sale. Investments – $ 3,600. Profit – up to $ 8,500 per month.

30. Breeding pigeons for weddings

This business is perfect for a pensioner with a country house. Breeding decorative pigeons requires room outside the city. The maintenance of birds provides for regular care, feeding and a spacious aviary or cage.

For these purposes, it is convenient to hire one of the permanent residents of a suburban settlement that will come twice a day, clean the cage and feed the pigeons.

A pair of adult white pigeons costs about $ 310. Cages, food and tools will cost $ 540. The rental price of one white dove for a wedding is from $ 5. With the organization of good advertising, contracts with wedding agencies and other organizations, you can earn income up to $ 1 400 per month.

31. Leasing of venues for lectures and seminars

In large cities, various events are regularly held dedicated to vocational training, education and information of interested groups of the population.

How to open your business from scratch ? Choose a room with the ability to accommodate up to 50 students, equip the lecturer’s place with a board, comfortable chair, tribune or pulpit. Place benches in the audience and take care of good lighting.

The training ground should be located in the city center . Investments – $ 3,500, income – up to $ 3,300 per month.

32. Homemade bread production

A successful business for the production and sale of homemade bread consists of three components: affordable price, freshness, and taste of baking. The most convenient for placement is production in the countryside, near the city. This will save on delivery and reduce the cost of the product.

For production, you will need several bread machines, a refrigerator for dough and a table with the necessary tools. Before you start production, try a few recipes, find the best recipe and method for making delicious and soft homemade bread.

In order to realize the baked goods, it is most convenient to arrange regular deliveries with local stores. Investments – $ 770, income – $ 500 per month.

33. An organic food store with delivery

Today, many residents of big cities are very attentive to their health and refuse to buy food in supermarkets. This allowed the emergence of such a business as organic shops.

In search of goods for your store, you can contact the residents of large nearby villages. Here you can easily find suppliers of milk, bread, cheese, vegetables, butter, herbs and meat.

Here you will find keys with water, which is also suitable for sale, after filtration and packaging. The cost of these products will be lower than the store, and the quality will be much higher.

Next, make an extra charge and place the goods for sale in your store. To start the activity you will need 3 workers with vehicles – one for the purchase of goods, the rest for delivery of products to addresses. Costs – $ 4,810 / month, income – up to $ 13,000 per month.

34. Cargo transportation

Cargo transportation is a good option for a stable profitable business. To start, you will need to purchase several trucks, hire drivers, a dispatcher and movers.

When buying 3 trucks, capital investments will be about $ 240,000, average monthly revenue – $ 5,800, and net income of up to $ 21,750. Such a business will pay off on average in 2 years, after which it will delight its owner with a stable income for many years.

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35. The team of express repair of apartments and houses

The decision to attract workers to carry out repairs allows you to put the apartment in order quickly and efficiently. Often, customers are interested in the ability to complete this task in a short time.

Consider how to start your business from scratch : you will need a team of specialists, a tool, as well as a designer to draw up projects at the request of the customer.

This business is classified as a business that does not require serious investments.

According to experts , to start repairing apartments, you can do the sum of only 520 dollars. Profits can range from $ 1,800 to $ 4,000.

The main difficulty here is to attract customers. Studies have shown that advertising in the media, on bulletin boards and using the Internet, will not become a reliable assistant in finding customers. Keep in mind that 90% of customers will contact you through someone’s recommendation.

36. Recording Studio

Recording Studio

A business that is well suited for large cities. Such a studio can be opened at home, which will significantly reduce the cost of renting a room. In preparation for work, special attention should be paid to the room intended for sound recording. It should be well insulated from external sounds and suppress echoes . For this, specialists use a special technology for preparing the premises and special sound-absorbing foam rubber.

Of technology, microphones, a powerful personal computer, a midi keyboard, and closed headphones are needed. To process future records, you will need to select and install a program – editor, this will also entail some expenses.

The staff should consist of a sound engineer, composer and arranger. The cost of purchasing equipment and preparing the premises will be about $ 6,000. The monthly profit depends on the number of customers and can be up to $ 1,500.

37. The center of preschool education

A small educational institution for preschool children can be opened by any interested entrepreneur. The selected premises must comply with a number of norms and standards, a bathroom and a waiting area for parents are mandatory, the center cannot be in the basement or on the basement. To get started, you will need to obtain a license to carry out educational activities

The selection of personnel should be carried out very carefully – your educational institution will be associated with these people. A wide selection of diverse circles and activities will attract more customers, try to reach as many children’s age groups as possible. Investments – $ 6,000, income – $ 2,500 / month.

38. Production of animal feed

There are many different compound feed formulations for feeding birds, pigs and other farm animals.

The main task of the feed is to provide the animal with all the necessary nutrients and trace elements, in accordance with its characteristics and age.

In the production of a nutrient mixture, the main thing is to withstand the exact dosage and mix the components thoroughly. During manufacture, the raw material is cleaned, dried, then crushed and mixed. If granulation is not provided, then the finished mixture is packaged in bags of 10 – 50 kg. The minimum investment to create a mini-plant will be $ 15,500, net profit – about $ 7,500 per month.

39. Venue for weddings

The profitable idea of ​​constructing a beautiful venue for wedding ceremonies on the seashore is simple in execution and quick payback. It will require the rental of a suitable plot of land, the construction of a wide pier with a roof, paint, a wedding arch, chairs for guests, and decorative elements.

Many couples, wanting to have an unforgettable wedding ceremony, go on a honeymoon with guests. To provide such customers with everything they need, an agreement with several hotels, a flower shop and a local photographer will not hurt. Investments – $ 9,200, income from 2 weddings per week – $ 3,400.


40. Solarium

To start your own business, you will need to rent a room in a central or densely populated area of ​​the city, make cosmetic repairs, purchase furniture and at least 4 tanning machines. Opening a mini tanning studio will cost you about $ 60,300.

Specialists recommend paying special attention to the design and design of the room. It needs a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable furniture.

Remember about the timely and correct replacement of lamps in the equipment. Anyone who wants to should be able to get acquainted with the documents on the last replacement of lamps and make sure the safety of the solarium. Enter your subscription for more revenue. Profit – $ 11,600 / month.

41. Car wash

This business is part of the best ideas from scratch for aspiring entrepreneurs. When choosing a room, first of all, pay attention to the options located within the city, do not forget to study the number and location of competitors.

After the premises are rented, the time comes for redecorating, installing signs and purchasing equipment. To get started, you need to choose equipment that will perform its function well, and have an affordable price.

Experienced car wash owners are advised to purchase Karcher equipment .

When hiring staff, it is advisable to give preference to people with experience in such organizations . Investments – at least $ 13,000, profit – $ 2,000 per month.

42. Thrift store

When choosing a suitable business, pay attention to proven ideas from scratch, such as opening a thrift store. The most convenient location for opening the purchase of supported goods is a room near grocery supermarkets, pharmacies, train stations and stations.

The leased premises can be very small – from 20 sq.m. To demonstrate the goods, you can use the walls and multi-level glazed windows.

For buying suitable consumer goods, such as phones, laptops, tablets and small appliances. Also in many thrift stores you can find BU musical instruments, bicycles and fur coats.

All purchased assortment must undergo pre-sale training and have a presentation. The amount of investments for opening a purchase – from $ 3,100, net profit – $3 500 per month.

43. Selling candy floss

Good business idea of ​​production from scratch . The main point of investment is a device for making cotton candy. On the market you will find a huge assortment of these devices and you can choose the right one.

For those who want to save, there are very small cars, costing up to $ 517, and there are more powerful, reliable devices that can be purchased for $ 800.

To get started, you will need to pay the rent of the outlet, purchase sugar, dyes, flavors and wooden sticks. To implement, choose crowded places with a large number of parents with children. Usually these are amusement parks or large pedestrian streets.

Well, if you manage to organize a point of sale in a large shopping and entertainment center . Despite the significantly higher rent, your business will cease to be seasonal, and you will be able to sell goods all year round. Net income – $ 3,000 per month; investments – $ 2,100.

44. Butcher’s shop

If you want to open a small butcher’s shop and do not know where to start your business from scratch , then this option is for you. The most convenient option for opening a butcher shop will be a small shop on wheels, or rather a shopping trailer. Their price, depending on the manufacturer, size, model and configuration, varies from $ 2,500 to $ 6,000.

In order to start its activity, it will be necessary to register an individual entrepreneur or LLC, go through the checks provided for trade in food products, purchase a cash register and necessary tools, such as knives, scales, etc.

It is very important to find reliable suppliers whose quality you will not doubt.

Take care of the freshness of the sold meat products and the absence of harmful trace elements in it. Income – up to 1900 dollars / month., Investments – 4300 $.

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45. Optics

Own optics is a real idea for starting a business from scratch. The optics salon, in addition to selling glasses, lenses and related products, provides for such a service as vision diagnostics. To do this, you will need special equipment – an autorefkeratometer, a diopter, a slit ophthalmic lamp, as well as a separate small room for diagnostics.

Usually optics is located near pharmacies, or in the same room with a large pharmacy. Also, it will be necessary to purchase display cases, mirrors, furniture for customers and staff. In optics there should be good lighting.

To carry out activities, you will need a medical license and a number of permits. All this will cost about $ 38,200. The monthly salary income will be about $ 6,000.

46. ​​Gym


A profitable idea is to create a new business from scratch. The minimum area rented for a gym room should be at least 120 sq.m. In addition to the common room with exercise machines, you need to allocate free space for strength training and not to forget about the women’s and men’s locker rooms with showers.

The selected room should be equipped with good ventilation, have all the necessary communications. Basements and basements are well suited for these purposes.

When choosing a simulator, seek the help of specialists . They will be able to tell you exactly which units must be in for a small room, point to reliable manufacturers. In addition to the simulators themselves, you will need to purchase mats, Swedish walls, horizontal bars, fitballs, dumbbells and weights.

From the staff you will need two administrators, at least two trainers, a director, as well as the services of an accountant and a system administrator. The minimum initial investment for opening your own gym starts at $ 8,600. The monthly profit will be about 2100 dollars.

47. Dental clinic

Opening such an important and useful organization as a dental clinic is a cost-effective enterprise, although it is accompanied by some difficulties.

How to build a business from scratch? To get started, you will need to obtain a license to carry out medical activities, obtaining which is not an easy task. The room for dentistry should be at least 80 square meters. m., have all communications and quality repairs .

When you open a small clinic with three rooms, each of which has one dental chair, you can serve up to 45 patients per day. The staff will consist of a director, 6 doctors and 2 administrators. If the workload of the offices is 50%, the net profit will be $ 12,000 per month . Investments in business – about 52 500 dollars.

48. Outsourcing of support and provision of computers and office equipment

Not every small business can afford its own system administrator. With the advent of services such as outsourcing, the need for this disappeared by itself.

Attracting a specialized organization for these purposes is much cheaper: the client does not have to pay a full salary and equip a separate workplace. Service can be carried out remotely and only in some cases requires a specialist visit .

Opening such a business will not be difficult for you. It will require a small office, 6 workstations with computers, office equipment and a compact universal set of tools for each system administrator.

As a staff you need a director, 4 experienced system administrators and a dispatcher who accepts applications and coordinates the work of specialists. Investments – 3,500 dollars. Profit – up to 2,300 dollars per month.

49. Key making

A business for men from scratch, such as making keys, requires a minimum of space and equipment. It will take two standard machines and a device that records information on the keys for the intercom. Thus, the initial investment will amount to about $ 3,400, and when buying used equipment it will be half as much.

The factor determining future profit will be the choice of a suitable, crowded place. Experienced owners of such workshops recommend renting a room on the forecourt, or where there are many stalls, workshops and eateries.

If the place is good, then with a five-day work week, you can earn up to $ 1,000 per month. The opening of three such points will subsequently provide a stable high income to its owner.

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50. Sewing of festive and fancy dress

An interesting business for women from scratch. Such a product as holiday costumes sells well only in certain periods of the year.

However, during the holidays, the demand for them is so great that manufacturers are able to very quickly realize all the goods manufactured during the quiet period.

A suit of Santa Claus, for example, has a cost of about $ 15, while the selling price is about $ 60 . It’s not easy to compete with Chinese-made costumes, many entrepreneurs buy cheap fancy dress costumes and resell them, or rent them out, which is also quite profitable.

For the independent manufacture and sale of carnival costumes using the online store, you need to hire 3 seamstresses, purchase material, accessories and packaging for ready-made costumes. Another expense item is the purchase and advertising of your online store.

In the conditions of work of seamstresses at home and if they have their own sewing machines, you can save on renting premises and buying equipment. Investments in such a business will not exceed $ 2,300, and the average monthly profit will be about $ 650.

Useful tips for starting a business from scratch

Planning . Any, even the smallest enterprise, will be more successful if, at the very beginning, you draw up a business plan and predict all possible profits and losses. Having a business plan will help you in time to understand where the mistake was made. This will eliminate it and prevent unnecessary costs.

Competitors . Very often, when planning their future business, novice entrepreneurs omit the question of studying competing organizations. Such a mistake leads to the omission of important information, which, when used correctly, can significantly increase your income and attract new customers.

Case time . Only in rare cases, even a small business pays for itself in the first months of work. The higher the amount of investments made, the usually longer the payback period of a business. Usually, at the initial stages of establishing a business, entrepreneurs work “in the red.”

Advisers . It is impossible to be a specialist in all areas. Often, to make an important decision, you need certain knowledge that you may not have. Especially for such cases, experienced successful businessmen have several advisers on various issues.

Financial, legal, economic, industrial and many other problems can be solved with the help of a specialist. Consulting a professional costs money, but it’s not worth saving, because a mistake or inaction can lead to much more serious costs and losses.

In this article, we talked about how to start a business from scratch , and offered the TOP 50 options and listed the best ideas for small businesses . At the very beginning of the journey, it is very important to choose a direction that will appeal to you, and we hope that we could help you with this.


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