Business promotion on Twitter: step-by-step guide 2020

Business promotion on Twitter is a step-by-step guide on SMM in 2020. How to promote an account on Twitter to get powerful traffic from the Internet? Use Twitter to promote your business. 

Do you consider promotion on Twitter as an additional tool for interacting with the target audience? Want to get more customers from social networks, but don’t know how and why to use Twitter for business? Experts share the proven practices and secrets of SMM promotion on Twitter and tell in detail how to turn a regular business account on Twitter into a machine for generating leads and expanding your business in any market and in any country.

We value your time and go straight to the point. So, let’s start with the benefits of Twitter for business.

If your target audience is on the Internet, Twitter will help you find them.

TOP 7 Twitter Benefits for Business Promotion

TOP 7 Twitter Benefits for Business Promotion

The benefits of using Twitter to promote your business are undeniable:

  1. Twitter guarantees wide coverage  – thanks to the lack of borders and the viral spread of tweets, Twitter is an ideal social network for disseminating news, discussing opinions, finding customers;
  2. Twitter is an effective means of communication  – receive data on any mention of your brand, a hashtag associated with you in real time and enter into discussions with users;
  3. Twitter – the source of traffic attraction – taking into account the requirements for the length of the tweet, the integration of the Twitter account with the main web resource increases attendance, brand recognition and subscribers’ loyalty;
  4. Twitter = search engine – with the development of hashtags, Twitter began to compete with search platforms for tracking news;
  5. Twitter improves your SEO performance  – tweets with the exact occurrence of the keywords you are interested in can appear in Google’s search results in high positions;
  6. Twitter helps increase sales , especially in B2B – according to research, small and medium-sized businesses that are promoting on Twitter have 69% more sales than companies that do not promote their business on this social network;
  7. Custom Content Prevails on Twitter – ExacTarget’s surveys and studies show that 61% of Twitter users are involved in creating content for brands and businesses.

Internal Twitter research confirms that maintaining an account on this social network increases brand awareness and blog readability by 75%.

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How to use Twitter?

To successfully use Twitter, you need to know the intricacies of working with this social network:

  • here you can’t post a longride, since the length of the tweet is up to 280 characters, taking into account spaces, but it will not be difficult to interest the user with a bright header. And if you place the same longride on your site, or, for example, your Facebook profile , and insert a link to it in tweet , you will collect a lot of traffic, and after that, a whole discussion on a tweet:
  • Twitter has long been famous for its social network with the healthiest discussions on the Internet. This service without borders and prejudices, which still unites users around the world, allows you to speak openly and find like-minded people. True, for several years, Twitter has been struggling with Internet trolls and haters flooded with social networks and inciting flames under tweets. Therefore, it is important to be prepared not only for a wave of healthy interest from the followers,  but also for the negative;
  • the success indicator of a tweet is considered not the likes, but the number of retweet . The logic is simple – if your tweet is shared, it means there is interesting information in it, and its weight will increase, moving your profile to the top of the search.

Now that you have decided to promote your business on Twitter, you need to create an appropriate checklist so that you can take competent and balanced steps to promote your blog, brand or company on social networks every day.

Business Promotion on Twitter: A Step-by-Step Plan

Business promotion on Twitter

The main thing in promoting your business on Twitter is to make a step-by-step plan and follow it. Move sequentially and promoting your account on Twitter will turn into a comfortable and convenient process from the painstaking process of creating a profile to launching advertisements on Twitter. But first things first.

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Twitter profile design

Creating a profile on Twitter is the very first step in promoting an account on this social network. When you have an aesthetically pleasing profile on Twitter, followers will not keep you waiting.

Therefore, immediately after you have created an account on Twitter, start its registration. You can find basic profile setting information in the Twitter Help Center .

To make your Twitter profile perfect, divide the procedure into several steps.

Twitter profile photo

A profile photo on Twitter must meet the requirements:

  • sizes – 400x400px;
  • the picture will be displayed in a round format, so it is advisable to center the main details for display;
  • supported image formats: jpeg, png, gif. The only thing – gif-files will be deprived of animation;
  • maximum photo size – 2 Mb.

Important! Twitter itself warns that when you upload a profile photo to the social network, you may encounter problems. And offers to get acquainted with special background information. If your profile photo is not loading, you need to:

  • check the image for compliance with the requirements of images on social networks;
  • try uploading one of the templates prepared by Twitter developers to the photo ;
  • use a different browser.

Twitter header image

Prepare your Twitter header image:

  • recommended size – 1500x500px;
  • image formats: jpeg, png, gif. Gif files for the header also lack animation;
  • the maximum file size is 2Mb.

Pauline Cabrera has created a universal header image template for Twitter. She schematically showed which zones of the header will be visible on the desktop and not available in the mobile application:

Important! On screens with different resolutions, “invisible areas” may be smaller or larger. Therefore, try to distribute important elements closer to the “visible areas”.

As you can see, creating the perfect photo and profile header requires a special approach. It depends only on you whether the audience will pay attention to you or pass by.

Knowing the formats and sizes is only half the battle. After all, even a freshman student can create photos and fit them to standard sizes. The other half is how you can visualize, translate and combine a profile photo with a header on Twitter.

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Profile Information

Business promotion on Twitter

To specify or edit your profile information on Twitter, follow the algorithm:

  • Click the “ Edit Profile ” button , which is located at the right corner of the cover and specify:
    • Your name, company, brand or blog name – up to 50 characters, including spaces;
    • “About Me” brief information block – up to 160 characters, taking into account the spaces by which you should tell the audience about your benefits to them;
    • your location – up to 30 characters, including spaces;
    • website or link to another Internet resource – up to 100 characters, including spaces;
  • Click “ Save ” in the corner on the right.

After filling out the photo, header and filling out the profile information, your Twitter account will look perfect:

Twitter profile setup

Twitter profile setup is your final chord in your profile design. And it will depend on him:

  • what information you will show on your tweets;
  • to whom and what profile information will be available.

To go to Twitter profile setup:

  1. click on the icon in the lower left corner;
  2. in the corner that appears, select “ Settings and Privacy ”.

Now, select the columns of the left column and edit the information blocks located on the right:

  • personal information – the basic information of your profile;
    • account :
      • username – use the name of the brand, company or blog in Latin letters, without spaces, up to 15 characters;
      • phone – specify that followers can contact you by phone number;
      • Email address – specify to receive requests and offers from the audience;
      • password  – change your Twitter account password;
      • security  – protect yourself from password reset or set an additional check at login.
      • set the profile language ;
      • choose the country in which you live and work;
      • Check the data Twitter knows about you.
    • privacy and security :
      • Tweets  – restrict or allow access to your tweets, indicate the ability to indicate your geolocation on a tweet, and limit the circle of users who will tag you in the photo;
      • private messages – limit the circle of people who can send you messages, show or unmark the read;
      • the ability to find you and contacts – by phone number or email address;
      • security – configure the display of media, notifications, add users to the black list or delete them from there;
      • personalization and data – prioritize news feeds in the feed;
      • twitter for teams – determine the settings for adding you to the team;
    • notifications –  configure notifications yourself;
      • filters  – you can configure notifications from various Twitter users;
      • settings  – subscribe to push-, SMS- or email notifications and stay up to date with the latest news on activity on your Twitter account;
    • content settings  – configure the news feed according to the degree of relevance;
      • Search  – you can prevent the display of “sensitive” content and hide from the search results the content of users who are on your Black List;
      • languages – customize the display of publications depending on the selected language;
      • security – a list of users that you put on the Black List;
      • personalization and data  – setting the displayed ads and controlling the collection of information by Twitter;
    • general information – general settings of your Twitter account;
      • display  – visual settings of the account;
        • font size;
        • color  – set the theme color;
        • Background – choose among 3 background options: light, twilight or black.
      • Traffic  – set the ability to play video via Wi-Fi or mobile;
      • Accessibility features – limit the animation or customize the display of content for the visually impaired;
      • About Twitter  – Basic information about Twitter.

All these settings work with your Twitter account more organized and easier.

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Best Twitter Content

Best Twitter Content

Determining the best type of content for Twitter has been and remains a challenge. But, it is simplified if you know what content your audience likes, to be able to simply prepare it and effectively present it.

How and what content to publish on a tweet? Users will not be forgiven if you do not know the answer to this question and post tweets at random!

Twitter Tweets

Tweets may contain the following types of content:

  • text , including links ;
  • pictures ;
  • video ;
  • GIF animations .

Consider the benefits of each type of content on Twitter.

The most important requirement for a text in a tweet is that it should not exceed 280 characters, taking into account spaces.

Benefits of using text content:

  • An interesting text with a link gains 86% more retweets than tweets from photos and video studies of Neil Patel, founder of KISSMetrics;
  • quotes of famous tweets are more popular than text with questions, but a tweet with a question receives more comments;
  • users prefer tweets up to 140 characters – they retweets 11% more often.

But, if the brevity and conciseness in the text is not your thing, and you do not understand how you can make a couple of lines of catchy text for a tweet from a huge longread to catch the reader alive from the first seconds and take him to your (crossed out) web resource.

Combine vibrant and catchy social media marketing phrases with engaging posts. These two components – your ticket to the world of ardent followers of tweets of 140 characters. Communicate with them in one language – briefly, confidently, so that “not in the eyebrow, but in the eye”!

An interesting fact – if you do a survey through tweet, you can place up to 380 characters of text. The main text block will contain 280 characters + up to 4 answer options of 25 characters each. Total – 380 characters without spaces.

If you want more retweets, and therefore more engagement with your Twitter SMM campaign, post tweets with links. According to the latest data from the social network, more than 93% of all text tweets are placed with links.

Visual Content For Twitter

Visual Content Formats for Twitter:

  • Images;
  • GIF animations;
  • video.

Their role is to draw attention to the text, which, in the future, will lead the user to your site or, for example, an interesting article in the Tumblr profile. Here’s what you need to know about using visual content on Twitter based on research from Neil Patel and other marketing pros:

  • Images, including memes, photographs, infographics and quotes on beautiful substrates, are posted by users almost 4 times more often than videos and receive> 120% more retweets than videos;
  • tweets containing visual, raised engagement to 581%;
  • branding videos increases brand awareness by 50%.

Twitter surveys from 2017 confirm that more than 30% of marketers with a Twitter profile spend more than 35% of the marketing budget on creating beautiful visuals. And every year this percentage is higher.

No matter how many numbers we give, the essence is the same:

Beautiful visual content + concise selling text = the perfect recipe for creating a content marketing strategy on Twitter and promoting it on this social network.

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3 Secrets to PublBox Twitter Promotion

The common truths of promotion on Twitter are a pass into the world of SMM, but your “game” will become really serious only when you find out you will have only 3 secret weapons from PublBox ready:

  • postponed posting on Twitter is the # 1 tool for those who want to save time and delight their audience with unique content from anywhere in the world, even having a simple smartphone on hand. Just a few clicks, and you have planned tweets for months to come. Just a couple of minutes, and painstaking SMM-work turned into a convenient and simple process;
  • SMM Analytics is a way to always have at hand the most useful data about the behavior in your Twitter account and other social networks at the same time. You can say that this is not new and is in the social networks themselves, but, we offer a minimum of inconvenient numbers, graphs of abbreviations, and a maximum of the necessary information for effective SMM management on Twitter and all popular social networks;
  • RSS Auto Poster is a personal life hack that enhances your SMM reality. Not sure if you can generate awesome Twitter content for months to come? Set up auto-posting from the best RSS feeds in just a few minutes and save hundreds of hours of your life.


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