E-mail marketing: what mistakes cannot be made

E-mail marketing is still one of the important tools for increasing sales and promoting a business. Of course, the statistics of this tool has changed for the worse after the popularity of social networks and the emergence of new marketing tools, but you should not completely exclude mailing from your test strategies. In many niches, this method brings good profit and helps to achieve the desired goals.

Choosing a service for E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing

The first basic mistake of beginners is the emphasis on their start of work only on the choice of service for newsletters. Of course, it is very important to choose the optimal mailing list, but at the moment there are only a few reliable popular projects on the market that are easy to find by reviews and ratings. Choosing a service does not take you much time. In fact Effective Email Newsletter will depend on a number of other key factors. If you sort through services, think over various offers for a long time, but miss other important nuances, then this will simply lead to a loss of time and money. When considering not only Russian, but also foreign services, you can count more than 1000 different options. Sorting them all does not make sense.

Buying a base in return for collecting your own

A very serious mistake will be the purchase of new cold bases. Now there are a lot of similar offers at the most various prices. Some business owners, especially at the start of their e-mail marketing, want to quickly acquire a ready-made database. First of all, it is forbidden to do this at the legislative level. There is a law on advertising, which does not allow the distribution of its advertising to people on their personal data without their consent. You cannot guarantee that some person angry with your spam will not complain about you.

At the same time, mailing on a cold base degrades the brand reputation and domain reputation. Subsequently, this may lead to lower sales, poor reviews. Even mailing to personal warm databases in the future often demonstrates poor openability and deliverability precisely because you spammed the mailing list. In general, cold mailings are suitable for a very limited number of niches. There are practically no good cases using this method. The effectiveness of such a tool is low.

Delivery confirmation

E-mail marketing

Another mistake is the lack of double opt in. This term means double confirmation of receipt of the newsletter. First, a person points to his website on the site to receive emails, and then in the reply email once again clicks on the link to finally confirm his desire to receive content. Not all marketers adhere to this rule, but note that all large and serious companies work that way. Why is it important? This helps to avoid mistakes in leaving the address, to protect yourself from unscrupulous competitors who can order mass registrations, which will lead to blockages. At the same time, the solution of various problems with deliverability will be impossible without such two step registrations. Some marketers advise leaving only the first step to increase the number of registrations,

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Lack of mailing schedule

The next mistake is the lack of an adequate mailing schedule. Too rare or too frequent letters will not be useful. The schedule is compiled individually for each project. It greatly depends on the niche, goals, features of the strategy, audience, etc.

Newsletter Content

A significant mistake E-mail marketing is incorrect content. Often there is uninteresting content that the audience simply does not want to read and unsubscribes. It sometimes happens that in a number of business niches or in a number of strategies, it is a mistake to give too useful content right away. In general, it is important to write letters correctly. Use templates carefully. Subscribers do not like disrespect, pressure, manipulation, aggressive text, lack of uniqueness, poor design.

For a good result, it is important to plan your series of letters, develop auto-marketing.

Do not forget to talk about your newsletter at your sites. For example, on social networks or on YouTube.


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