How to close an account on Instagram 2020 after updating

Someone is intensively promoting their profile, and someone wants to close their Instagram account from prying eyes. You can do this in a couple of clicks, you just need to find the desired item in the settings.

Now Instagram has updated the “Settings” section. We publish screenshots of how to close an account on Instagram after update 2020.

How to close an account on Instagram in 2020 after the update

How to close an account on Instagram 2020 after updating

Below you will find instructions on how to close your profile on Instagram so that posts and Stories are visible only to subscribers. Even on anonymous browsing sites, your Stories will not be visible.

If you want to temporarily hide your account from everyone, then you can block it.  And if only from a specific person – then block his profile.

  1. Go to your account, go to Settings (as they look after update 2020).
  2. On some phones in 2020, the settings menu looks like this:
  3. Scroll down and find the item “Confidentiality”, after – “Confidentiality of the account”. “Closed account”. Drag the slider to the right.
  4. Make account private? Click OK

How to add or remove subscribers to a private Instagram profile

When someone wants to subscribe to you, you will need to go into notifications and confirm or reject the subscription.

So that someone from already approved subscribers no longer sees your posts, you need to remove it from the subscribers. Open the list of your subscribers, find the right one. Click the three dots on the right, select “Delete.” Your subscriber will not know about this until he comes to your profile (he will not be able to see the posts anymore and will understand that he was removed from the subscribers).

How to open a closed account on Instagram

To back open your account, repeat all the same steps (screenshots above). Open the settings, find “Privacy and Security”, then – “Account Privacy”. “Closed account”. Drag the slider to the left. “Make your account public?” Click OK.

How to make a private business account on Instagram?

How to close an account on Instagram 2020 after updating

No way. If you have an account with connected statistics (business account), then you can only make it closed by transferring it back to your personal account. Business accounts were invented to make Instagram promotion more effective. Accordingly, such an account must be open in order to attract maximum subscribers . Still want to close your profile? Go to your personal account without statistics and then close it according to the instructions above.

How to go back to your personal account is in the article:  How to create a business account on Instagram.

What is the difference between a closed Instagram account and an open one?

In 2020, after the update, only the interface changed, and all the advantages and disadvantages of a closed account remained the same.

  1. All photos and videos in a closed account can only be seen by subscribers.
  2. Your posts will not appear in the hashtag search.
  3. Your profile on Instagram can be found in the general search by account name, but when you go to it, posts will not be visible.
  4. If you want to subscribe to a closed account, you first need to send an application and wait for the owner of the closed profile to approve it. To do this, he needs to go into his notifications and click on “Subscription Requests”.
  5. A closed profile can only be personal, without statistics. You cannot close a business account (just transfer it back to your personal account and then close it – see above).

Close Instagram account?

Sometimes bloggers specifically close their Instagram account. Causes:

  • Protection against mass complaints. Often accounts are blocked precisely because of them. But the best way is to temporarily block your account if someone purposefully wants to sink your account.
  • Advertise with other bloggers. Interested in advertising, but to see the account – sign up.

If you are just starting to keep an account, it is best not to close it.


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