Checklist for a marketer: how to conduct a successful advertising campaign with YouTube and Instagram bloggers

Influencer marketing is the promotion of a brand through opinion leaders, which is becoming increasingly popular. Bloggers strongly influence the brand and its performance, but before you start a campaign with them, you need to have an idea how to work with the Influencer Marketing tool. Indeed, it is ignorance that leads to illiterate KPIs, incorrect expectations and conclusions.

Woombat influencer marketing experts describe the mechanics of organizing a successful blogging campaign in 8 points. Closing each of them will help to create a need, understand the brand and market opportunities and establish effective and long-term cooperation with opinion leaders.

Block 1. Product analytics

how to conduct a successful advertising campaign with YouTube and Instagram bloggers

First you need to understand your product, its shortcomings, your audience and their needs.

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Audience study

Influencer marketing should always begin with an objective comparison of the audience, content topics and the audience of bloggers, which is quite wide. The problem of placing advertising integration in the content of a blogger is that there is no way to show advertising to a specific audience, everyone will see it: people of different ages, sex, from different cities. We have only the subject matter of a blogger, which forms interest, and its internal statistics (geography, demography, activity). These data can only reduce the amount of unnecessary audience.

Studying current advertising activity

This can create a favorable environment for optimizing the conversion funnel or closing it soon. You can use the content of the blogger and advertising in it for the first contact with the audience, the formation of a certain opinion, emotion or experience after meeting with the product. After that, to assemble an audience, make creative and launch targeted advertising for this audience, you can also connect SMM, production, media, etc. It will turn out an interesting multi-channel advertising campaign.

Study of competitor activity

Sometimes it’s better to optimize existing approaches, motivators, than spend budgets on testing completely new ones. Advertising in the content of a blogger is good because with a competent approach with any hypothesis, the brand uses the image of the blogger and the involvement of his audience in order to increase the loyalty among this audience to his product / brand. This should be treated with respect, as otherwise it could work in a negative.

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Block 2. Strategy

Having received structured information, it is necessary to determine working hypotheses aimed at solving specific business problems. After analyzing the product, competitors, audience, it is important to understand how truly the product matches the characteristics of the influencers of different sites. Influencers are always relevant, but not the fact that business needs those with a wide audience, where there is no way to target a specific segment.

The primary business tasks may be the growth of knowledge about the brand / product, the depth of knowledge, image, direct sales, etc. You should not set the goal of cheap coverage or increase the number of conversions, although now such guarantees are often used on the market. This is not entirely correct, since it does not lead to a specific goal and may lead to a lack of understanding of the profitability of the influencer marketing channel, as happened at Dodo Pizza in 2019. Such goals are better to set secondary.

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Block 3. Preparation

how to conduct a successful advertising campaign with YouTube and Instagram bloggers

Formation of TK and creation of a check list

The next important step, the neglect of which is the reason for many unsuccessful launches of advertising campaigns, is to create a technical task with a constructive description of all the needs of the brand. There is no need to force a blogger to think through and create problems, it is better to send him with a clearly defined TK. It is necessary to reflect all the main points: timekeeping, format, keywords, type of motivator, the need for a link, its location, etc. Better to give more information.

Selection of channels by topics and formats

After you have specifically described what you want from influence marketing, you can begin to search for bloggers. Now quite often, many advertisers are asked to prepare a list of bloggers, according to which they decide on further cooperation. And for many it is not clear how it is possible that the list of bloggers or their price may change after payment. On two sides, the agency sets up communication and strives to create the best conditions. And bloggers are not always able to give them, especially if you specify in advance at the stage of preparing the media plan.

In order to prevent a conflict of interest, you need to divide the selection of the media plan into primary and secondary. Communication within the designated frames of the selection allows you to not promise too much to bloggers and maintains loyalty. No need to bargain until you have decided on cooperation. It’s easier for bloggers to give up heavy customers than to continue the dialogue.

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Formation of motivators

When working with bloggers, motivators are the main way to increase traffic. There are 2 types of motivators. But their combination works best.

Material: promotional codes, prizes, discounts, rewards, etc. It is best used in integration with the product, but it should have value for the audience of the blogger.

Intangible. A blogger uses his reputation to motivate action. For example, in this way: “Your following the link helps me to develop the channel”, “Understand, forgive, help”, “My guys, I give a tooth that is not scam”, etc.

Block 4. Creative

There is a myth that it is better to completely leave the creative to the blogger. It is a bad idea. First you need to look at the content of the blogger and present the requested integration. Many bloggers well understand their audience, news feeds, but absolutely do not know how best to adapt the advantages of the advertised product to their content. It is also not necessary to force the blogger to read the text from TK literally, but to enable him to communicate in his own language with his audience. Test and find balance.

Block 5. Trading and lobbying their conditions

At the stage of approval of the final TK and transfer of remuneration to the blogger, you can bargain. Each of the points that the advertiser or blogger disagrees with is a reason for lowering the price.

Before starting negotiations, there must be an understanding of what indicators need to be achieved. Warranties need to be put on those indicators for which the blogger may be responsible: publication date, deadlines, number of issues, timing, CPV, coverage, ER, etc. It’s better not to put guarantees on transitions or installations, since this is not standard practice for all bloggers. Some may not trust tracking, others may not have experience in this type of cooperation. Otherwise, the blogger will feel a deception that will affect the company’s reputation.

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Block 6. Legal defense

In the Russian market, many bloggers prefer to work informally. This creates a number of inconveniences for many customers, but they continue to pay in cash, at the risk of making problems for themselves. To avoid unnecessary disputes, you must always fix the agreement in writing, preferably in the contract. This protection against all types of “misunderstood”, “did not have time,” “forgot.” Do not forget about sanctions that will help save time and nerves.

One of the striking examples was in the agency. Once we had a need to organize the integration of one famous blogger into the show. He indicated the cost of half a million rubles. After negotiations, we lowered the price tag by 50%, entered into an agreement in which we described the conditions, the algorithm of our cooperation and guarantees. As a result, the blogger ignored the algorithm and uploaded the video at night without coordination and reference. Under the contract, he was obliged to make us one more integration. It turned out that for the paid 250 thousand rubles, the blogger made content for 1 million rubles.

How could such a situation have happened? Many bloggers are not used to working officially; they are not worried about the business side. They value content, activity, social approval. Advertising on their channel is what is in high demand, often low labor costs, and chaotic pricing. This problem in the market will be relevant for a long period of time and you need to learn to work with it. The conclusion is to lobby for your interests.

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Block 7. Implementation

how to conduct a successful advertising campaign with YouTube and Instagram bloggers

In influencer marketing, there are a large number of factors that can influence the final result: from TK to the mood of the blogger during the integration shoot. You should not treat a publication in a blogger’s content as a purely performance source of traffic.

Every year, the effectiveness of links in the description is reduced due to reasons for increasing CPV market and pattern integration. In order to make a good performance, you should think about exclusive motivators and the readiness of the product for the features of attracting traffic through bloggers. Not every advertiser is ready to offer the necessary motivators to get the desired direct traffic result. In addition, the result of links from bloggers has a cumulative effect. But you shouldn’t strive for stereotyping, it’s better to find advertising approaches that will suit you, and then change the stuffing of integrations.

Block 8. Scaling

Almost any advertising campaign in influencer marketing begins with standard formats in the content of the blogger (integrations, exclusives, interactive, product placement, posts, stories). Many people think that this is the whole instrument.

Influencer Marketing is a set of options for connecting influencers for marketing purposes. If you correctly set goals, then there will be no problems with scaling promotion channels. You can use both existing opinion leaders and create your own, which is a separate complex and voluminous process. If you need tracked traffic or sales, you can combine an advertising campaign with Google Ads.

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If you can’t close these items yourself from the very beginning, this is normal. It is quite difficult to effectively track this whole algorithm in work, without the capabilities, knowledge and skills for this. The main thing is not to ignore it. This is just one of the reasons for the popularity of advertising campaigns with opinion leaders, as there are about 8 people working on one project. The problem of reducing the chain of points is relevant for the development of the influencer marketing market, since the checklist is simplified due to advertisers reduced the efficiency of their labor.


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