How to create a business account on Instagram 2020

Everyone knows how to make a business account on Instagram? If you transfer Instagram to a business account, you can see the statistics on Instagram for free. And in the header in the profile there will be links so that you can simply call or write you a letter, see the address.

Who needs a business account? If you sell products / services on Instagram (or plan to sell), then you need such an account! It will be easier for customers to place an order, and you will see detailed statistics of your account, you can use services, some of which are not available for personal profiles.

It is also useful for bloggers to create a business account, because this way you can monitor the response to posts, as well as show statistics to potential advertisers. In 2020, you can also  create an Author Account , which has additional statistics on the growth of subscribers.


  1. Video: How to create a business account on Instagram 2020
  2. What gives a business account on Instagram
  3. Instagram stats
  4. How to make a business account on Instagram 2020
  5. How to remove a business account and switch back to personal?

Video: How to create a business account on Instagram

The new interface of Instagram 2020.

What gives a business account on Instagram

If Instagram is the main sales channel, then you probably have several accounts. How many business accounts can be with one phone ? To five. Moreover, all five “business” are not necessary. But everyone needs a separate mail (e-mail), and for each business account – a Facebook profile.

You will no longer need to write in the description phone, whatsapp (vosap), mail, etc.

At the top of the account there will be a “Write” button, as with regular accounts (“Contact” appeared earlier). When a client clicks on it, he goes to chat in Yandex.Direct. And in the business account below, under the description, options now appear:

  • to call
  • how to get
  • email e-mail address

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Instagram stats

The most important and useful! After creating a business account on Instagram, you can see statistics for the entire account, individual photos and videos, and stories . These statistics in the Instagram business account are similar to those for groups / public pages in other social networks (facebook). You will see how popular this or that post is (not just by likes and comments).

But in order to see the statistics of someone else’s account (plus check them for cheating and choose the one suitable for buying advertising ), you need to use third-party services. For example, livedune.

Instagram Ads

Business accounts can do official advertising:

  • advertising in the tape and Stories via Facebook
  • advertising in the feed via the Instagram application  (the “promote” button appears under the posts)

Understood with benefit, and now the most interesting – how to make an Instagram business account in 2020?

How to make a business account on Instagram 2020

How to create a business account on Instagram 2020

You can transfer Instagram to a business account in Russia with just the touch of a button. Important! If your account was closed, then when you switch to a business, it will become open. Everyone will be able to see the publications, and subscription requests will be automatically approved.

We recommend immediately linking your account to Facebook and making a public page for your business (even if this business is just one person – you). In this case, you must be the administrator of this page.

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How to transfer Instagram to a business account 

1. Go to the settings.

2. We find the section “Account” and in it below “Switch to a professional account”. We select “Business”.

3. “Find out more about your subscribers …” – click on the blue “Continue” button. We select the category of a business profile or search in the search bar for keywords (“store”, “school”, etc.). Click “Next.”

4.  Here we add the e-mail, phone and add the address, if necessary. This information will appear in the header of the account. There will be a button “Contacts” if you fill in both the phone and the address. Or the button “Email. letter ”or“ Call ”. which will be in the business account for communication. You can also click below “Do not use my contact information” so that your contacts are not in the profile header. Later it will be possible to add / edit.

5. After we attach to Facebook. You can not do this and click “Skip”. Then you will be created a blank public page on Facebook automatically. You will need to follow the link and confirm the rights to it.

We recommend immediately linking the Business account on Instagram to Facebook. This is security and fewer problems with confirming the rights to the page. And if you need to restore access to your profile on Instagram, you can do this, including through a linked Facebook account.

If there is already a public page, then simply select it. You must be the administrator of this page, otherwise it will not be on the list. If there is no such page, click Create New Page at the bottom. You will need to come up with a name, select a category for it and click “Finish.”

6. Your business account is ready! Now you can see Instagram statistics.

All statistics will not appear immediately. Reach, views, engagement – all this will only be in new posts. Clicks on the link, the dynamics of the growth of subscribers – from the moment you make a business account on Instagram.

In 2019, a new type of account with statistics appeared – Author Account. It has the same statistics, but there is also a growth dynamics of subscribers – how many have subscribed and unsubscribed per day in the last week.

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How to remove a business account and switch back to personal?

To remove a business account and make it personal, go back to the settings in the “Account” section. Click “Switch back to your personal account.”

If you want to close your business profile (i.e. make posts visible only to subscribers), you first need to go to your personal account, and then close it.


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