How to know exactly and see who has unsubscribed on Instagram (2020)?

Instagram always sends notifications about who subscribed to the account. But how to find out and see who has unsubscribed on Instagram? Is it safe? There are several ways. What kind? Read on.


  • Account Security
  • How to find out who has unsubscribed using a mobile application
  • Android apps
  • Apps for iPhone

The total number who signed up and unsubscribed today can be viewed if you have an Author Account. But you still won’t see specific account names. Officially, Instagram will not let you see unsubscribed, except by manually watching your subscribers. But you can use applications on iPhone / Android.

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Account Security

How to know exactly and see who has unsubscribed on Instagram

Entering your username and password outside of Instagram is always unsafe. Plus, when a third-party application comes into your profile, Instagram considers this “suspicious” and may ask you to enter a code. You will receive this code on the attached mail or mobile phone. Therefore, check that you have access to everything and your account is linked to Facebook. Recovering an account if you “don’t remember anything” and don’t have access is almost impossible.

In general, we do not recommend using applications to find out who has unsubscribed . Especially when you do not pay for the application. Free cheese happens only in a mousetrap and application owners can use yours in their account for their own purposes – for example, to cheat subscribers.

But if you are willing to take a chance to calculate non-reciprocal, you will need to download applications on iPhone or Android. After the applications are uninstalled, be sure to change the Instagram password.

True, you will still see only those who unsubscribe after you add an account to the application. None of the programs and applications can travel back into the past, and Instagram itself does not provide the necessary information.

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How to find out who has unsubscribed on Instagram using the application

What apps do:

  • find unsubscribed people
  • mass unsubscriptions to 100 people at once
  • there is a “white list” from whom not to unsubscribe
  • search for subscribers by name
  • you can identify those who do not like and comment
  • You can add multiple Instagram accounts

Android apps

  • Unfollowers for Instagram, Follow Cop
  • Followers-unfollowers
  • Followers Analyzer-Follow Tracker

IPhone Apps

  • Subscribers: Instagram analysis
  • InCo who unsubscribed on Instagram
  • Followers Instagram Analytics

It’s not in vain that Instagram does not send notifications and you can’t find out when someone has unsubscribed. Due to this, you can always leave without saying goodbye and without scandal. And imagine what it would be like to receive notifications every day that you have been unsubscribed.

If you don’t want to see someone’s posts and Stories, but you don’t want to unsubscribe either, you can temporarily block this account – he will never know about it. But you also won’t know if someone has temporarily blocked you.

We advise you not to spend a lot of time and effort on applications to find out who has unsubscribed from you on Instagram. It’s better to do account promotion, and then who will unsubscribe will be completely unimportant.


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