Marketing trends in 2020

Marketing trends are subject to constant change. Promotion tools that previously yielded cool results may become less effective or even stop working. Therefore, marketing trends are important to track and analyze.

Conducted a study of marketing trends that will be 100% relevant in 2020.

Marketing trends – from person to person

Marketing trends - from person to person

With the development of the Internet, competition is increasing. Previously, people bought a product (product or service) where it is. Now the level of supply has increased sufficiently, and a person makes choices based on trust.

The client is important not only the result, but also its guarantor. If you do NOT have a well-developed brand like Coca-Cola, Apple or at worst Mvideo, then the company itself cannot act as a guarantor.

In such a situation, only a person acts as a guarantor. Owners and company managers should consider promoting a personal brand .

As a rule, company management prefers to hide. In the best case, place a maximum of photos on a site or landing page.

Focus on promoting your personal brand. Show people your expertise. Make it clear that you are responsible for the quality of the product with your head, you know and love your customers.

Break stereotypes! Face your customers. Start blogging as an expert. Tell about yourself and mention the company. The result is not long in coming.

Personal branding platforms

Personal branding platforms

There are no strict guidelines, only recommendations. Keep a blog where it’s easier and more enjoyable. The main thing is to do it regularly and do not forget to advertise . The most effective sites are Instagram and your personal blog site.

Why Instagram:

  • is at the peak of popularity;
  • easy to understand;
  • high level of audience engagement;
  • Facebook owns instagram, so you have the coolest advertising algorithms at your disposal;
  • no glut of spam.

Why blog site:

  • This is your personal platform on which you have an intellectual property right;
  • additional coverage from Google search engines (very relevant for the B2B segment);
  • the content is copyrighted to you;
  • the possibility of effective and free promotion, with the help of articles;
  • respect for personal brand.

In fact, these two sites are best used in parallel. For example, write an article on the site, it goes through indexing and you get traffic. After the search engines accepted your article, you can make several Instagram posts from the same publication.

Instagram doesn’t matter if your post is unique or not. Thus, you will save time and increase the reach of your audience hundreds of times.

We show “humanity” on the site

When advertising goes through Google AdWords, the traffic is just icy. The assurances of marketers that you will receive ardent customers are nothing more than empty promises.

Customers are targeted, but not hot. They are hot in relation to their needs, but in relation to the company – cold.

Show on the site that you are people too and can solve a problem that arose in a person. Post the appeal of the head, your team, video reviews.

The trend of marketing from person to person is just beginning to gain momentum. Start using it now and get cool results!

Marketing Trends – Internet Advertising

Marketing Trends - Internet Advertising

Online advertising has already surpassed TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Note that even the older generation begins to use the Internet more actively.

The undeniable advantages are that advertising on the Internet can be given purposefully (contextual advertising) and personalized (targeting on social networks).

Of course, advertising has multiplied in price compared to 2008. And yet, it is cheaper offline and more efficient. The main thing is to know your target audience and properly configure display algorithms.

Types of advertising that give the greatest result:

  • video advertising – the highest level of engagement;
  • contextual native advertising – adapts to the content of the site and does not annoy users;
  • contextual advertising on search – when correctly configured, it still gives good results;
  • targeted advertising – shows ads as personalized as possible.

Marketing Trends – Visual Content

Marketing Trends - Visual Content

Now there is a struggle for the attention of the client, and price competition is fading into the background. This is more relevant to the service market. For a commodity, price remains the limiting factor.

Surely you saw examples when the company №1 takes 5 000 dollars , and the company №2 30 000 dollars, for the same service. At the same time, No. 2 can sell more often simply because it captured the attention of the client and concentrated it on herself.

It is no secret that we have gone from information starvation to glut. Therefore, for content to be noticed and appreciated by users, it is worth using non-standard and even provocative materials.

Together with personalization, the visual content selected with the creative gives crazy results.

Impeccable design begins to give way to a non-standard, which is remembered. The main thing is to provoke people to a discussion. Moreover, both positive and negative.

For example, Adidas, on its website for the Yung line , used a design typical of the 90s. It looks much worse than modern sites. However, the site is remembered thanks to nostalgia.

Someone will talk about the site badly, someone is good. But the end result – they will say. Accordingly, this model worked effectively.

Controversy, add interactive, engage users in the discussion and you can sell more and more expensive than your competitors!

Marketing Trends – Storytelling

Marketing Trends - Storytelling

Storytelling is, first of all, an instructive story that prompts a person to think and evokes emotions.

Tell people your story! About successes and failures on the way to becoming a company. There are no clear boundaries. You can use one or several stories, which are then combined into a common one.

Storytelling increases engagement and encourages people to discuss. In the future, when you achieve success, those people who read your story at the start will be happy to share their knowledge “how it all began …”.

This is especially true for beginner businessmen. A good topic for a blog column, which can be kept constantly, while gaining loyal followers.

Storytelling will not give instant results, but in the future you will be pleasantly surprised!

Transparency and competitor training

Transparency and competitor training

Previously, companies could have killed for the success formula. Now, job transparency is valued far above secrets.

Show off your “inner kitchen” and share your experiences. Respect for your company will grow thousands of times, both from customers and competitors.

By teaching competitors how to do business, you will show your power and confidence. For customers, this means you can rely on.

Maximum openness makes it possible to rebuild from 90% of competitors. She will make your offer unique and in demand.

Marketing Trends – Surveys as an Engagement Tool

The trend of using surveys on the site began in mid-2018. The so-called Landing Quiz began to be popular.

Quiz is a one-screen landing page with a survey that involves the user in the game “answer questions, find out something and get a bun.” At the end of the survey, it is proposed to send an application.

In fact, the very idea of ​​using quiz as independent sites is not very effective. Most annoying is the fact that the results of the survey can be found only by sending an application.

But as an element of the landing page survey, you can quite use it to increase conversion. The main thing is that the survey be short 3-5 questions is enough. Remember that the goal here is not to learn more about the client, but to involve him in the game and collect contact information.

You have received a list of current marketing trends. So what are you waiting for? Deploy yourself or contact us. You can send an application from any form on the site.

We wish you effective promotion and high conversions!


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