Quiz sites – a breakthrough tool in marketing or another dummy?

 In general, quiz has been used in marketing for a long time. The reason is that when a question is asked, the human brain at a subconscious level seeks to give an answer. Due to this, in the world of information noise, such advertising works better. Even in the German metro you can see banners on the rules of the passage with questions and answer options. If you ask questions, information is better absorbed. By the way, who did not know, questions are the most effective way to manage people.

In Internet marketing, this tool, as it is now, is quite new. It appeared about two years ago, and now shows tremendously better results on the cost of applications with paid advertising in comparison with the already classic Landing Page.

What are the main rules for creating a quiz site?

What are the main rules for creating a quiz site

The questions we ask on the quiz site should not help you make a calculation, prepare an offer or sell, questions should be related to the problem or tasks of the client .

The big mistake is to ask technical questions. Quizzes with such questions will not be effective, and vice versa, if you clearly get into the client’s problem and strengthen it, the conversions will be higher.

Good questions that reinforce the desire to contact: “Have you come to check?”, “How long has your house been owned and not yet completed?”, “How many applications do you receive from the site?”, “How many do you want to make sales from the site? ” Bad options: “Indicate the fabric of bedding”, “Enter the address of your home and apartment for delivery” and others …

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One of the main criteria for a good quiz is your advertising proposal , for which a person should answer your questions. Here you can’t do without analysis of the target audience, but the general principle is this: the user should get a value as a result of the search: save a few hours searching, quickly get the price, just have fun and relax, maybe after passing the survey he will receive a holiday script or, for example, determine his English level.

Very good quiz site helps in niches where there is a large selection. For example, if you enter the query “exercise bike to buy”, you will find 10,000 exercise bikes from 15 to 600 thousand. To understand this assortment, you will have to spend more than one hour. It’s time saving and convenient search, and you can put pressure on your proposal. For example: “Answer 4 simple questions, and we will select an exercise bike for your tasks in 30 seconds.” An offer, or an advertising offer, should make life easier for people, then they will be happy to answer your questions.

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The number of questions should not exceed 7, ideally 3-4. Each subsequent question cuts off your customers and increases the cost of the application. No need to do 20 questions if you want to get a low cost application.

Take contact at the end . Be sure to leave contacts at the end, you can close it by e-mail, by subscribing in social networks or by phone number. But when you ask a person for contacts, you must follow the rules. The user should see what he will receive for this (your offer), what additional benefits. A person must know the reason why he leaves his contacts, and what will happen the field of how he will do it.

Nobody wants to be tortured with advertising calls or an obsessive manager to call him. Life hack: may ask you to specify a phone to send a calculation or script to Whatsapp. In my opinion, leaving contacts to receive prices and offers is the most harmless option that causes a minimum of stress. If this rule is observed, expect cheap leads many times lower than competitors.

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Where exactly does a quiz site not work?

You need to understand that Quiz works with a colder audience. It will be strange to sit and answer questions if you need to get the service urgently. Most likely you will call and resolve the issue right away.

The second point, this will not work where the product is the same for everyone, for example, the sale of diesel fuel in bulk. People are interested in the price and delivery time, and they will not answer questions to find out.

In general, quizzes work with a target audience that has passively aching pain. Learning English is a good example. Everyone knows that we should start learning English. But they are well aware that this does not have to be done right now, and they are constantly putting off this issue. Here at this stage, quizzes work as efficiently as possible.

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Pitfalls and reformatting the sales team

What will you encounter when you start a quiz site and receive the first cheap applications? All leads from the quiz site are closed for intermediate action. Price, KP, useful materials. Of course, this is the previous step before the sale, but this is not a deal.

Moreover, managers who are used to working as a shipping department will spit on and curse that they cannot close such leads. There may be sabotage, and if your managers win, the quiz site will bend without starting to work. Because when working with applications from Quiz, you need to develop a new sales script, which will take into account extracting reinforcing issues and a competent presentation of the product with the development of objections.

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If your sales team leaves much to be desired, I would not recommend experimenting with quiz. But if you, as the head of the company, manage the sabotage of the sales department, implement scripts and build sales according to these leads, know that not one competitor will ever catch you in your life. I have seen many examples where very good money is made on applications from quiz.


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