Save Face: How to Manage Your Online Brand Reputation

You can receive applications, effectively spend money on marketing, but not observe sales growth. Why? Because your reputation is spoiled. How to prevent this and “save face” on the eve of the Synergy Digital Forum was told by the marketing director of Synergy University, the author of the book “The Battle for Conversion. The Holy Trinity of Traffic “Dmitry Yurkov.

It’s simple: the reputation is formed from the fact that people consume your product and recommend it to others. If the product is of poor quality, then there will be no recommendations. There will be no sales if you turn a blind eye to the negative towards your company.

What to do?

Provide quality services and make a good product. However, you can never please absolutely everyone, so learn to work with negativity.

When your potential customer chooses a service or product, he reads reviews from other consumers. If you are criticized, quickly resolve the situation. The faster you reacted, the higher the likelihood that the client will delete the negative review. In no case do not hide and do not let the situation drift.

Remember, 1 negative review = 10 killed potential customers, 1 positive review = + 3 new customers.

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Online monitoring

Implement advanced online monitoring systems and track specialized sites where reviews are shared. The same goes for unflattering posts about your product on social networks.

Friendship wins

For effective brand reputation management, “be friends” with the administrations of sites where negative reviews are posted. In a stalemate, for a fee, you can ask to remove the negative.

Barrel money

Build the interaction of financial and accounting services so that the client can quickly get back the money spent. Also consider ways to appease the disgruntled. It can be discounts, gifts, etc.

At the device

Consider introducing a hotline at your company where customers can complain. If you have a cafe or restaurant, place booklets with phone numbers for reviews on the tables.

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Start with yourself

Another effective option is to create your online brand reputation resources. This may be the “Reviews” section on your company’s website or a feedback window. Better customers write bad comments about the product on your site than on the external.

Your task is to create a “hub” that will absorb all the negative.

So you can effectively manage the reputation of the company and prevent the death of your brand.


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