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1.7 billion people live in the service sector – evidence from National Geographic. And this is one of the most popular areas of activity. Business in the service sector is only slightly inferior in popularity to trade and is significantly ahead in this sense of business associated with production.

And this state of affairs has a fairly simple explanation – in contrast to trade or production, which without fail require certain initial investments, it is quite possible to open a business in the services sector without investments. To provide services, often only their own knowledge and skills, as well as a minimum advertising budget are enough. Although you can do without it.

For example, today many hairdressers, make-up artists or manicurists leave the salons “for free bread”, having developed a certain client base. At the same time, they do not have to invest in the promotion or rental of premises: you can provide services directly at home or with a visit to the client, and new customers can be dialed through social networks. And the influence of word of mouth should not be underestimated here: the contacts of a class master are something that potential customers actively hunt for themselves. All the same is true for all other specialists in the service sector: lawyers, PR-schiki, tutors.

After some time, having earned a certain amount with your micro-business, you can move on to more serious entrepreneurship – open your own beauty salon or legal advice, without getting into loans.

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Engine Adjustment Service

Engine Adjustment Service

Car repair business is one of the most profitable, as practice shows. Moreover, in order to succeed, it is far from always necessary to invest fabulous amounts. You just need to choose the right specialization. Let it be narrow, but at the same time be of interest to a wide target audience. For example, a stable high income can be obtained if you open a service specializing in the regulation of engines of various types of vehicles.

Interestingly, this business really does not require high investments. A big role is played by the presence of business savvy. And, of course, mastery. You can start right in your own garage. To get started, it’s enough to give a few announcements in which to offer quick tuning of the engine and ignition, guaranteeing quality, etc. It is also worth offering the service of transporting the car to the place of repair and back.

Nothing complicated. The main thing is to choose profitable channels for promoting the service. And you can promote, as already mentioned, through bulletin boards, through the Internet, through service stations and gas stations, through auto parts stores, through the distribution of business cards and flyers. Also a good effect gives advertising on the radio.

Your service will be exclusively electronically controlled by the ignition system and engine diagnostics. All necessary tools and equipment can be purchased at a wholesale price – the coordinates of wholesalers can be obtained, for example, in the same parts stores.

The work is structured as follows: a service specialist checks the declared engine components, and then offers the replacement of poorly functioning parts (fuses, connectors, capacitor) with new ones. Also in the list you can include the replacement of the air and fuel filter, rotor, ignition wires. In general, the minimum set. For starters, this will be enough. When your own customer base has been developed, you can expand the range and offer customers a deeper and more expensive repair.

Alternatively, you can work in tandem with a locksmith. Find a good craftsman offering locksmith work and agree with him about recommending a friend to a friend’s clients. It is very comfortable. On the one hand, you don’t have to hire an employee and pay him wages, on the other hand, there is the opportunity to significantly increase customer flow.

Tea club

Tea club

Building a business in the field of catering is quite difficult today, as the competition is simply disastrous. Moreover, there are still vacant niches. If you approach the search for a concept with a certain amount of creativity, then you can really get around the competitors and get a consistently high income and a constant customer flow in a relatively short time. A great modern idea could be the opening of a tea club.

The concept of the institution involves interesting events. The tea club is not just a place where you can taste various varieties of a flavored drink. Various tea ceremonies should be held here, in accordance with the traditions of different peoples of the world. The menu should include such types of tea that are impossible to get in ordinary stores – this will give the institution a certain share of elitism and allow it to be called a “club”, and not just a “tea” or “cafe”.

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Business club

Business club

When we say “business education”, we imagine stacks of books, speeches by business trainers and playlists on youtube. But every businessman knows that all this, not tied to practice, does not always help, or even interfere, and limit understanding. Even communication at conferences does not always help: everyone has their own business, their own history, their own scope. And not one of the coaches will give life advice, will not help to cope with loneliness, which inevitably overtakes a successful person.

A business club can solve this problem. The format is important here: at the same table there should be businessmen with approximately the same history, incomes and more or less similar industries. Then the communication will turn out to be the most productive – there will be no sense in self-promotion (which, unfortunately, many business events suffer) and the persistent search for partners: in such a club you can ask for advice and together develop a strategic business decision. In fact, for each member of the club this is a personal board of directors with extensive business experience. Naturally, the club is not limited to a dozen people – you can collect dozens of groups at the same time, each of which will be unique.

The club will meet once a month, so a permanent rental of premises is not required. Once a month, you will need to rent a spacious room, which can accommodate 100-150 people. The session itself will last 8 hours, however it is advisable to rent a room for a day in order to prepare it for the event.

Employees are also needed in a minimal amount – on an ongoing basis, you only need an account manager who will deal with the organization, invitations to events. Also, the event itself will require several people – the organizers. A marketer can be used to outsource to set up a promotion – he will not be needed constantly.

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The main channel for attracting customers will be partnership with business conferences and working business communities of the city. It is also important to set up targeted advertising on Facebook – businessmen are most active in this particular social network. For events, it is important to prepare printing products – business cards, rollup, 2×3 m pillar for photo shoots, flyers, marketing kit.

Points for rent

Points for rent

Renting clothes, bags and some accessories has long been no surprise. But sunglasses rental services are still new. Such a startup was launched by the French company La Fabrique de Lunettes. Innovators offer everyone who wants to rent expensive branded glasses, for the purchase of which for constant use the target audience simply does not have the money.

In the optics salon La Fabrique de Lunettes they sell eyepieces of well-known manufacturers. Some models are allocated to the rental fund. The “library” includes about 60 variants of sunglasses. Rent for a night is estimated at 10 euros, for the weekend – 20 euros, 2 times more expensive for 7 days, etc. You can also subscribe to the rental of points for a period of 3 months and pay at the same time 20 euros per month.

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Market Research Cafe

Before launching a product to the masses, any manufacturer conducts research, figuring out the needs of the target audience and demand. A Japanese consulting company called Sample lab is ready to help manufacturers “break in” the product by testing it on potential buyers. For this, innovators have opened a special cafe in which free samples of products are distributed.

Lcafe Catering Facility hosts visitors in Tokyo. The lion’s share of cafe visitors are Japanese women and girls. They are registered on the company’s website and become members of the bonus program. Having made an order in a cafe, they receive several tokens, each of which can be exchanged for a test sample of the goods. A prerequisite is to leave feedback about the sample after its use.


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