Strategic Marketing for Small Businesses

In the modern world, incredible opportunities open up for private entrepreneurs, which were previously out of the question. Each person who has accumulated start-up capital and has any idea in his head can open his own business. However, unfortunately, a huge percentage of these start-ups called today are sinking quite quickly, and there can be a wide variety of reasons for this. However, if you look closely, you can see that the problem is often the complete absence of marketing activities.

Marketing for small businesses is a mandatory component, but many entrepreneurs believe that they can do fine without it. And it is here that they make a fatal mistake, since marketing is the engine of any company. And if you created your own small business, then this should be as relevant for you as possible. A marketing strategy is what you need to think about first. In this article, you will learn why marketing is so important for small businesses, and you will also find some practical tips on building your own marketing strategy that will allow your business not only to stay afloat, but also to constantly grow and expand.

Strategic Marketing for Small Businesses

Small Business Marketing

So, it’s no secret to anyone that marketing is an area of ​​activity that is responsible for promoting goods and services in all available ways. What is the difference between marketing for a small business from that characteristic of a large one? At first glance, it might seem that there is no difference, but you should not succumb to this apparent simplicity, because in reality there is a difference.

Marketing for small businesses has its own characteristics, such as the constant changes in the market, which is losing and gaining new players every minute, constant competition, that is, the inability to go first in your industry and create a semblance of a monopoly, and much more.

You should understand that at first you will need constant advertising in order to survive in the harsh world of small business. Marketing in this case is not only your main key to customer relations, but also a vital necessity both for the growth of the company and for its banal survival. As you can see, without marketing, you will not be able to achieve good results, and it is likely that your company will join the dozens and hundreds of small firms that close every day.

Small Business Marketing

Strategic approach

Now it’s time to deal with the marketing strategy. Many entrepreneurs see marketing as advertising their product, but it is much more than just advertising. Strategic marketing in a small business plays a very important role, and thanks to this article you will understand why. It’s worth starting with the fact that a young company that enters the market must set two goals: survival and profit. To achieve each of them, it is necessary to create a strategy that would allow us to achieve both goals as quickly as possible, reliably and successfully.

This is where strategic marketing in small business comes into play. Using it, you can identify key points regarding your product, such as whether it has an advantage over other products that consumers need. Is your product unique or has it already been found somewhere? Can your competitors repeat it? Accordingly, with the help of strategic marketing you can find the effect that suits you, then translate this effect into an actual advantage, win the attention of people with this, encourage them to make a choice in your favor, and then evaluate your marketing activities in accordance with your strategy.

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Strategic approach

Strategy creation

Even if you have 100 marketing ideas for a small business, they themselves will be of very little value. That is why you first of all need to think about how to create a full-fledged marketing strategy, and then implement your advertising ideas within its framework. What does creating a marketing strategy look like in a small business?

First, you need to determine your goal, and even better – your goals. How does this help you? Before starting a project, be it a whole business or marketing campaign within an existing company, you need to identify all the tasks that must be completed so that the project can be listed as successful. You can divide these goals into primary and secondary, but the essence will remain the same. You will have specific items written on paper or on a computer that your project will eventually have to meet in order to be successful. This will allow you to more competently think over the strategy in order to allocate resources as efficiently as possible to achieve your goals.

Secondly, you need to document your strategy. This means that you need to take your goals that you just outlined and develop step-by-step instructions for achieving each of them. What you do will be your marketing strategy. And here it is already easy to understand what role competent marketing plays in promoting a small business. The clearer the plan, the easier it will be to implement it. You will be able to calculate in advance all the resources that you will need to achieve a particular goal, determine the intersection points that will allow you to more effectively move towards the achievement of goals, and much more.

Thirdly, you need to remember that for your strategy there are two main tools that should be key to your business throughout its existence. It’s about customers and the quality of the goods. This means that as part of your marketing strategy, you need to think about how you will attract customers, as well as how you can redistribute costs so that your marketing campaign is successful, but does not lead to a decrease in the quality of manufactured products. Product quality and the quality of marketing content is the most important thing that can only be. You can lose customers, but you must not lose the quality of the product. Moreover, you can lose customers due to poor quality marketing content. In general, now you can understand how important these two tools are. And it’s time to look at practical marketing tips and ideas that can benefit your business.

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Marketer Tips

Marketer Tips

How can marketing be improved for small businesses? 10 tips that will be given in this article will help you to approach this issue in a non-standard way. Naturally, you should understand that each of this advice will be a great addition to your marketing strategy, but it will not be a key element. Therefore, you should always make sure that you already have a good plan, which can then be varied with various additional chips that can be gleaned from this article.

Friend channels

Friend channels

10 small business marketing ideas start with developing friendly channels. This means that you should not see enemies and competitors in all of your familiar entrepreneurs. Often friendship with them can be very useful for your business. After all, if you combine your efforts in the marketing field, you can help each other attract more customers than you would do alone. It is also worth noting that this approach does not require almost any costs, respectively, cannot be unprofitable.

Stickers on letters

Stickers on letters

When you think about how to choose a marketing strategy for a small business, you should always consider absolutely all aspects of your business. Do you work with mail and forward letters and parcels in large quantities? In this case, you should consider sticking bright and colorful stickers with a small amount of information about your company, stock, or product on your parcels. If you properly design these stickers, they can bring your company a lot of customers.



How else can you improve small business marketing? An example would be a “return to the roots”, the so-called old school, which may seem wild to someone. But in fact, this approach works very effectively if you correctly approach its implementation. What is the point? You need to mail personalized cards to your potential and current customers. Just remember that they should be sent by mail, and not thrown into the mailbox, because people spam such spam into the ballot box without even looking at it.

Phone Call Advertising

The secrets of small business marketing can often be difficult to learn. For example, this point is far from being achieved by all and not always. When you are conducting business negotiations by phone or simply answering a call from a client or an interested person, you should try to carefully insert an advertising message at the end of the conversation. The problem is to learn how to do this very gently and smoothly, to interest the client in a profitable offer, and not to scare him off with aggressive advertising.

New offer

Features of small business marketing include what you need to try to keep every client with all your strength, and this method is very effective. It is unlikely that your start-up company can afford a full-sized loyalty program, but you can always make your client a new, more profitable offer when he has already agreed. Next time, offer him a discount on a new product or service, ask him to come with a friend to receive a bonus, and so on.


For small businesses, organizing thematic seminars can be a great way to attract a large number of potential customers. Naturally, not everyone is able to organize a full-scale seminar, but you can always make it creative by letting the participants themselves support the course of the event.

Creative distribution

As mentioned earlier, banal leaflets that are scattered across mailboxes and pasted onto doors always go to the trash immediately. However, this does not mean that such a distribution method is bad. You just need to use a little creativity so that your messages attract attention and do not leave people indifferent.

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Reminding yourself is a very important marketing move for any small business. Any marketer will tell you that attracting a new customer will cost you six times more than working with an old one. Therefore, you should send messages with reminders of new products and services, promotions and discounts, as well as other events that may interest a customer who has already bought something from you.

Collaboration with large companies

You can cooperate in the marketing field not only with other small entrepreneurs, but also with large companies, offering them advertising or other benefits in order to get the opportunity to show themselves to the whole world from them. There are a huge number of ways, so you can be resourceful in this case too.


The most important thing you need to remember is that every successful marketing trick used ten times already starts to bother customers, and it loses its effectiveness. Therefore, you definitely need to constantly be creative and come up with new marketing moves in order to attract as many new customers as possible, as well as retain old ones.



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