Have you noticed that most of the shoppers walk along the shelves just looking at the goods? This becomes a kind of tour of the store. They do not buy anything, are not interested in anything. Yes, and go to the store for them the whole problem: they have no motivation to do this. This is especially true for such stores that sell goods not of prime necessity: furniture, household appliances, cars, jewelry, etc. How to wake up the bulk of visitors? How to attract them to placing orders, and not to simply visiting outlets? This is the main secret of successful advertising.

Find an approach to the subconscious of customers, arouse their strong desire to purchase this thing, and not just look at it and pass by. This approach will be the starting point for increasing sales.

Knowledge of the main factors that drive shopping

Experienced marketers and heads of sales departments know: in order to cause a sales boom, you need to conduct a worthy advertising campaign. But this does not always become a good solution. After all, advertising can be both bad and useless. Every time you create an ad or a new video, it should have a creative that will resonate in the hearts of your potential buyers. Correctly submitted information will prompt action. For example, everyone in the house has a TV that shows well, serves for a long time and performs its basic functions. Why should buyers want to change it and buy a new one? Find the best features of new models that will help you see movies in the best quality, create a movie theater effect, and demonstrate these features to your visitors. And then they really think about


For example, they did this in a chain of stores selling equipment. In the hall, two, seemingly identical televisions, were installed nearby. They had similar specifications and screen sizes. But one of them showed in normal quality, and the other in HD. The difference was obvious. At the same time, each buyer involuntarily recalled his TV, which remained at home. And the comparison was not in favor of the latter. Therefore, sales take-off was ensured.

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Create a creative proposal, forgetting about the expression of the author

In most companies, advertising messages are not intended for people. They do not take into account the desires of the audience. They are based on the desire of the author of advertising calls to express themselves. Everyone is trying to find or compose new verbs, words and phrases that did not exist before. For example: Snickersney, Skitelstryanka and others. The creators of such names think that now everyone will want to buy these goods. But some of these studies cause only irritation and nothing but this. Really someone wants to eat dragees, which so disfigured the faces of adolescents, and also contagious.


This may be funny and funny, but this is called the author’s attempt to express himself. This approach does not meet the needs of customers.

The difference between creative advertising and self-expression of the authors is that this creative is aimed at making the goods like the customers. And the attempt at self-expression is to please oneself.

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How to get consumers out of a nap state

There are examples of successful advertising that meet the requirements of modern advertising ideas. For example, at one time a very big breakthrough was made by Tide’s advertising agents, who shot videos with live people, and showed how efficiently their washing powder was used. They went around the apartments, talked with the mistresses, paid people for agreeing to star in commercials. This was very convincing and brought the company a significant increase in sales. To top it all, they uttered the phrase: “If you do not believe, then we will come to you!” This was proof that the shooting is real, and a company of managers can appear in any apartment.


Consumer sleep, which has become ubiquitous, cannot be ignored. To get your customers out of it, offer them an advertisement that convincingly proves the need and benefits of the purchase.

Create a customer need for this product

Let your visitors know that you are offering them what they really need. And then your goods will be sold. Many companies specifically create new styles and trends in order to create a desire among others to own what has appeared on the market. So do all well-known companies that produce cosmetics. So there were hair straighteners, lamination, coloring, which were not even suspected before. Now everyone with curly hair wants to straighten it. And girls with straight hair, by all means, want to curl them. All this is a tribute to fashion, a tribute to advertising.

Explain to potential customers that washing with ordinary powder is no longer fashionable. What now, it is imperative to purchase washing capsules, which at the same time add flavor to the laundry. And everyone will immediately rush to look for these capsules.


While the average consumer reads boring advertisements or is outraged by the next opus of advertisers, sales will stand still.

But in order to wake up customers, cause a stir and a desire to sweep well-publicized goods off the shelves, creative ideas are needed. Moreover, as we have already found out, they should be understood specifically for consumers.

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Create effective promotional offers

Of course, perhaps you are selling a product that is not on the market. And your offers will always be unique. Even if they are written without creativity. But in the case when there are hundreds and thousands of such offers on the market, you cannot do without a creative approach.

Advertising should cause emotions. But these should not be negative experiences, from which one wants to no longer return to this outlet. Emotions that encourage shopping are usually associated with such feelings:

  • curiosity;
  • interest;
  • surprise;
  • excitement;
  • sympathy;
  • laugh or smile.

Don’t be afraid that creative ads didn’t work right away. She must insist. And only after a while you will notice that visitors began to stare more often at those products that are advertised correctly.

The secret to a successful advertising campaign

Unfortunately, many marketers cannot implement their truly valuable ideas. And how to evaluate which idea is really valuable and which is mediocre? After all, you cannot independently understand whether this advertisement will appeal not only to you and your leader, but to the target audience. The secret to successful advertising is consumer reaction. If after the launch of the advertising campaign you have an increase in the number of calls from potential customers, sales begin to grow, the average bill, then the advertisement is really successful.

But if you or your director likes it, and sales stand still or fall, then you should seriously redesign the advertising materials or the concept of the advertising campaign itself.


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